The Jury

Lamara Karchava [RU]
Screenwriter, film expert, lecturer of culture platform “Synchronization”, speaker at Russian and international film festivals.

Ilya Kulikov [RU]
Screenwriter, showrunner, producer, director. Founder and general producer of tv company “Legio Felix”.

Lance Myers [US]
Professional Animator
Known for his work on A Scanner Darkly (2006), Boxer Story (2018) and Space Jam (1996)

Anna Mirokhina [RU]
Screenwriter, director, creative producer.

Maria Baeva [RU]
Actress of cinema and theatre.

Mko Malkhasyan [Armenia]
Cinematographer (Armenia, Russia, USA, Europe).

Marina Stepanova [RU]
Producer of documentary films.

Olga Kuzmina [RU]
Actress of cinema and theatre.

Dmitry Kotov [RU]
Producer, screenwriter. Candidate of Sociological Sciences. Rector of the Higher School of Cinema “Arka”.

Ivan Kanaev [RU]
Musical producer and composer in film studio “Yellow, Black and White”.

Alecs Nastoiu [Romania]
Screenwriter, Director, Producer.