January 2021 – Moscow Shorts Official Selection


Limbo (2019)

Director: Anthony von Seck

Country: Canada

Duration: 17:00

Synopsis: An intelligence operative meets up with a conspiracy theorist to retrieve his lost personal handbook.

The Black Veil (2020)  

Director: A.J. Al-Thani

Country: Qatar

Duration: 16:35

Synopsis: Reem, a young Iraqi woman, escapes her home in the middle of the night. She lives in Mosul after being forced to marry an ISIS soldier. Reem finds help in a taxi driver named Ahmed to help her escape Mosul and find her family again.

Beacon (2020)

Director: Dániel Vizkeleti

Country: Hungary

Duration: 17:00

Synopsis: There was a train accident that involving fatalities. While Keve is waiting, encounters strange figures. The man carrying the cross and the little girl are inconceivable that they are the realities, or they come from another world. Beacon is a tour-de-force drama, a dark dream about waiting, a post-apocalyptic vision of Hungarian wasterland and a Christian allegory built around coming-of-age.     

Seabreeze (2021)

Director: Fatty Soprano , Shawn (Shutterr) Vasquez

Country: Canada

Duration: 16:10

Synopsis: Fighting drug addiction, a woman falls deep into depression after having a miscarriage. After having a relapse , she sees Hallucinations of a daughter she could’ve had.

Stories Keep me awake at night (2020)

Director: Jérémy VAN DER HAEGEN

Country: Belgium

Duration: 30:00

Synopsis: “Stories Keep Me Awake At Night” is the portrait of day-to-day childhood. A village, a family, a little boy who likes to wear dresses, the return of the wolf and everyday life, ordinary, banal. These elements are used to tell of hidden desires. 

deleve (2020)  

Director: Roma Glova

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 02:15

Synopsis: teenage girl makes selfie when strange things start happening       

Here’s to the Mammoth (2020)

Director: Toni Heye

Country: Not Specified

Duration: 25:47

Synopsis: The young actor Julian should be overjoyed: He gets to play the leading role in a prestigious art movie. But the pressure on the film set takes him to his limits. Director Windebørg turns out to be a tyrant and co-actress Francesca brings Julian’s inadequacies to light with her self-confident manner. During the filming of a sex scene his nervousness reaches new heights, which eventually jeopardizes the course of his career. His fate depends on the goodwill of the authoritative film producer Herwig Steinwein, who has his very own interpretation of the events on the film set. Julian finds himself in a rigged game in which the truth no longer counts.


Director: Ethosheia Hylton

Country: United Kingdom

Duration: 15:00

Synopsis: A story about a young black girl’s relationship with her hair and name, and how it helps her understand who she really is.


Director: Molly Manning Walker

Country: United Kingdom

Duration: 13:15

Synopsis: In the aftermath of an attack, Amy is left voiceless, trapped in a whirlwind of incompetence. She must find a way to confront what has happened, in order to save what matters to her most.

WITNESS (2020)

Director: Ali Asgari

Country: Iran, Islamic Republic of

Duration: 14:58

Synopsis: A mother helps an elderly woman in a shopping mall in Tehran. A tragedy occurs, brutally confronting her with the impact of her actions.

Graces (2020)

Director: Nicolas Wozniak

Country: France

Duration: 24:08

Synopsis: Annabelle should take care of her child, find an apartment and cleaning up her life, but she’s not able to do it. Every night, behind the bowling counter where she works, she waits for the man who will finally take her to another life. When a stranger asks him to watch his bag and does not reappear, everything changes.

Parade (2020)

Director: Yohann Gloaguen

Country: France

Duration: 25:07

Synopsis: Leo’s in his 20s. His family was blown up by a tragedy but he still has his buddies. Together, they spend their days zoning out, occasionally robbing supermarkets, and their evenings drinking and smoking. But that doesn’t appease Leo’s desperate rage, as he gets up every morning without knowing if he’ll see the end of the day.


Director: Grésillon Romain

Country: France

Duration: 20:00

Synopsis: 19,000 years ago. Deemed responsible for a hunting accident that risked the life of a child, a man is cast out from his tribe and finds shelter in a cave near the campsite. 

Massachusetts (2019)

Director: Jordi Perino

Country: France

Duration: 30:00

Synopsis: To escape, anywhere, that’s all that counts. For Manue, there is nothing to hope for here, while in the Americas everything is still possible. In the port, there’s a container ship heading for Massachusetts, and they’re looking for sailors. Gaffia agrees to hold Manue’s hand for the big trip.

Antiotpad (2020)

Director: Tin Zanic

Country: Croatia

Duration: 18:00

Synopsis: Somebody’s car is on fire. Somebody’s head got kicked in. Somebody got their mobile stolen. Will the troublesome  adolescent break the vicious cycle of violence he might or might not have started himself?

The Prison Visit (2020)

Director: Andy Lupu

Country: Romania

Duration: 12:19

Synopsis: Luci is a young woman from a small town. She’s married to Marian, who is serving a long prison sentence. She’s used to struggling with the crises of day-to-day life and raising their small daughter on her own. But there is one thing she won’t accept: his desire to control her life from behind bars.

Sand Land (2020)

Director: Iven Tu

Country: Canada

Duration: 11:56

Synopsis: A middle-aged man, Charlie, wakes up every day trying to get over the loss of his beloved. One morning, he follows the apparition of his deceased partner to the ocean, where he almost drowns.  When visiting his therapist for depression treatment, the therapist introduces him to a new type of treatment – Sandplay therapy. Through the Sandplay process, he finally opens up about his traumatic memory, displaying various miniatures on a sand tray and recreating the scene where his partner, Luke, tragically passed away. At the end of therapy, Charlie accidentally drops “Luke miniature” outside of the sand tray, and the therapist unintentionally points out that Luke is now on the other side.  After returning home, Charlie realizes that he lives in a world just like the sand tray. He eventually releases his lover’s pet bird. As the bird flies further and further away from the horizon, it’s finally revealed that the world is contained inside a bigger sand tray.

Kiwi (2020)

Director: Jeff Vitale

Country: Not Specified

Duration: 04:44

Synopsis: Whilst sitting at a bar, Max, an indecisive young man is going through a list of Cocktails. Looking for the best out of them all.

Absence (2020)

Director: Richard Marx

Country: Germany

Duration: 13:22

Synopsis: Lena’s life is changing abruptly after a terrible event. Her passion is leading her on a destructive way. As everything around her started to collapse, she is still figuring out where she stands.

Leaving for Holiday (2020)

Director: Ariel Goldenberg

Country: Turkey

Duration: 05:00

Synopsis: “Tatile Gidiyoruz” project; is a short film based on the theme of “Changing climates – Changing lives”. The family that owns Yeşilova Farm has been struggling with drought, disease and soil inefficiency due to global warming in recent years. This struggle is now over and the farm has to be abandoned. The film, which witnesses this family’s abandonment day, is narrated through the eyes of the house until you see the family for real in the road sequences, and this narration is accompanied by the voice of the little girl carrying the movie. The family tries to protect the little girl from this sad abandonment with the cover “leaving for holiday”. “Tatile Gidiyoruz” is the story of Yeşilova Farm family’s being ripped from their roots and abandoning their past.

No buses here (2020)


Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 15:00

Synopsis: The film tells the story of an elderly man who has Alzheimer’s disease. The main character is an old man at a bus stop, the buses don’t run there – because this stop is next to a nursing home, and this stop is not real. A girl who happens to be here by chance learns the story of the stop, but the main thing is the story of the old man himself, who, due to memory losses, is doomed to relive again and again a fight with his daughter that had happened many years ago. This chance encounter at a fake stop will change both of them.


Tesla (2020)

Director: Vilius Lukošius

Country: Lithuania

Duration: 17:00

Synopsis: Young people of our time will experience the biggest technological explosion in human history. Storyline follows friends of this generation who are making hypothetical situations all day long and who later become witnesses of accident and are forced to return from digital world to reality.


Director: Andrius Bartkus

Country: Lithuania

Duration: 23:00

Synopsis: A risk-averse man invests not his money in a profitable business

Trees Under Water (2021)

Director: Julian Simon Pache

Country: Germany

Duration: 24:24

Synopsis: When the young photographer Simon sets out to photograph a motif that has has been on his mind for a long time, he is hit by the tour-bus of an overtired punk band. Concise scenes from his life appear before his inner eye: Memories of things past, habitual actions and schemes of the present, narratives and fictions.

The Dead Flowers of Spring (2020)

Director: Pol Sanchez Mas

Country: Spain

Duration: 18:19

Synopsis: After his father’s death, Sara will see how her mother tries to approach her again. Because of this, the ghosts of her past, which she thought she had left behind, will return, making her live the reasons of her separations once again.   

The Master (2020)

Director: Yinghao Li

Country: China

Duration: 14:58

Synopsis: A knowledgeable homeless suddenly become an internet influencer because of a speech video, however, he gradually loses himself.

Limbo (2020)

Director: Amin Kamali

Country: France

Duration: 26:18

Synopsis: Emma absolutely wants to complete the unfinished thriller novel of her late husband. Her daughter, Lisa, who sees her mother getting drowned into writing, revolts. Mother and daughter clash, reality and fiction merge. Everything get out of hand for Emma…

Sauna Rules (2020)

Director: Morten Schmidt, Thomas Diepeveen

Country: Denmark

Duration: 07:00

Synopsis: Ali — a lonely, elderly immigrant — seeks out new relations among the locals in a public bathhouse. But, with just limited knowledge about Danish culture and the local sauna rules, making a good impression can be a lot harder than first expected.

Mars (2021)

Director: Hannah Beach

Country: United Kingdom

Duration: 14:22

Synopsis: Leon is forced to confront his sexuality when he meets his favourite queer author, Martin McAllen, whilst surrounded by the toxic masculinity of his homophobic colleagues.

Mrs. Sun (2020)

Director: Binghan Li

Country: China

Duration: 09:11

Wiedersehen (2021)

Director: Helene Sorger

Country: Austria

Duration: 17:29

Synopsis: Two soldiers in Austria at the end of World War Two meet not far away from the battlefield. Both have deserted. Although they speak different languages, they share a brief moment of understanding. But too soon they are torn from their hiding space back into the harsh reality. And both must make decisions that speak against their experiences and for humanity.

Good Night, Neighbour (2020)

Director: Rozalia Ogonowska

Country: Poland

Duration: 03:00

Synopsis: A short film inspired by polish folk dirge. With it’s mantric atmosphere it takes the viewer back to the long forgotten world, though it has passed, still seems to dissolve into the infinity.

Out of sight, out of mind (2020)

Director: Anna-Maria Dutoit

Country: Germany

Duration: 11:21

Synopsis: With the rising Fast Fashion trend, the markets are flooded with cheap clothes that cannot be recycled. “Out of sight, out of mind” explores the places that worn clothes travel to and questions our current approach to textile waste.

Five-Seven-Five (2020)

Director: Amitai Hayun

Country: Israel

Duration: 14:00

Synopsis: In the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the night, two soldiers are trying to find the certain point from which they should be rescued. When they realize they are lost they understand they are probably stuck with each other, at least until the night is over.

Anima (2019)

Director: Pany Konstantinidou

Country: United Kingdom

Duration: 07:00

Synopsis: A man is confronted by his female subconscious, to face his past mistakes only if he accepts the fall of his chosen reality. 

Monsters (2020)

Director: Müge Bulazar

Country: Germany

Duration: 05:24

Synopsis: All of Abby`s friends own monsters already. She wonders why there hasn`t been a monster for her so far and what she has to do to get one or IF she even has to get one and why? But she has no one to open to and that`s why all her questions stay unanswered. As the child she still is, she tries to get there on her own and pays the price to finally be normal as everyone else.


Music: fluid,  invisible, inaudible (2020)

Country: China

Duration: 09:04

Synopsis: Winter, 2019,   I brought a Chinese post-rock song to Europe,  put the song in front of the strangers,  recorded their reaction and feelings.  That’s where the film comes from.    

through others (2020)

Director: KELLER Gohan

Country: Switzerland

Duration: 15:20

Synopsis: The research work “A travers les autres” focuses on my identity from the outside. In the form of a collaborative self-portrait, I examine the hybrid, manifold and fluid nature of identity.  Through the words of my loved ones, I explore different representations and perceptions of my persona in order to better understand and redefine myself.     

The Tour Of Dreams (2021)

Director: Madis Ligema, Taavi Arus

Country: Estonia

Duration: 25:00

Synopsis: “The Tour of Dreams” is a film about bluegrass, gospel, and God, and follows the musical journey of the Estonian band Robirohi, a giant in their own field but generally not particularly well-known outside their immediate circle. Most of their concerts are held in churches, schools, and small cultural centers, and their soulful music gets precious little exposure on non-Christian radio. Their mission is a true one – all band members but one have experienced a divine intervention, a “warm wave of light that passes through the entire body”. But how to translate this touch of God into commercial success? The band would love to be famous one day – but is gospel really the right path to take? Especially in Estonia, one of the most secular countries in the world? They book their return to America, an already familiar territory, to look for a righteous way at the home of gospel, but the Almighty has a different plan …

Kam Wah Chung (2020)

Director: Huan Yiping

Country: China

Duration: 15:00

Synopsis: During the gold rush, Ing Hay, a traditional Chinese medicine doctor, came to the United States to make a living. Together with Lung On, a Chinese businessman, he set up Kam Wah Chung company in John Day, Oregon to provide business and traditional medical services for local people. Since then, his life has been closely linked with Kam Wah Chung. Ing Hay’s gentle manner and his unorthodox treatments, as well as their success, made him a highly regarded and respected practitioner.

chats with felix (2020)

Director: Mitar Terzic

Country: Croatia

Duration: 14:09

1989 (2020)

Director: Astrid Scheuermann

Country: Panama

Duration: 18:10

Synopsis: On December 20, 1989, the US invaded Panama by air, sea and land. The brutality of the military intervention left visible and invisible scars in the country and its people. Thirty years after this event, Panamanian society still struggles to come to terms with the legacy and end of the dictatorship.  In this documentary, four Panamanians reflect on history, memory and their fight against oblivion.

Michael Malone, Portrait of an American Organic Farmer (2021)

Director: Gary Beeber

Country: United States

Duration: 20:11

Synopsis: Michael Malone is the proprietor and soul of Hungry Toad Farm located in Centerville, Ohio.  In this documentary Michael tells his story and talks about what it takes to be an organic farmer.

Garage Romantic (2021)

Director: Daniel Sadgrove

Country: New Zealand

Duration: 12:35

Synopsis: A big dreamer from the small town of Togliatti, Russia ponders life while building a rocket powered sled made from discarded trash.


Just For The Record (2020)

Director: Vojin Vasovic

Country: Serbia

Duration: 07:01

Synopsis: In an abandoned attic, dictaphone robot REC desperately tries to connect to тхе bird that stops on its window. Using his play button to say something, he finds himself shocked by the content and scares the bird away. He rushes to make her come back, to record over his “own voice” before his battery leaks.

Jabberwocky (2020)

Director: Sjaak Rood

Country: Netherlands

Duration: 02:15

Synopsis: A brave boy goes hunting for the Jabberwock despite the warning of the old man. When the monster is beaten, it still looks like the story will end badly. Jabberwocky is a poem filled with nonsense words that don’t mean anything, but, miraculously, you understand excactly what the story is about.

Dog’s Field (2020)

Director: Michalina Musialik

Country: Poland

Duration: 11:48

Synopsis: Animals closed in a flat with a decomposing corpse of their owner try to survive.  In this difficult situation one of the dogs finds out that love for its owner is stronger than animal instinct

The forest (2020)

Director: Riccardo Fraccascia

Country: Italy

Duration: 04:24


RUSH (2021)

Director: Elyssa Winn

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 09:41

Synopsis: A young pizza delivery guy finds himself resorting to desperate measures when his money is stolen     

ПUZZLE (2020)

Director: Anastasiya Sovashchenko

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 19:00

Synopsis: This film is about the moment when a person creates something unique and creative. We will consider what the process consists of, what hinders it and what helps. It’s like traveling from room to room, where dance parts that symbolize details of puzzle that called “Creativity” We use a novel narrative structure And single-frame shooting. Hidden cuts will help us to match parts together adds continuity to the movie. 

Belmiro, Belmiro, Belmiro (2020)

Director: Luciano Moniz

Country: Portugal

Duration: 15:36

Synopsis: Tormented by a mysterious figure named Belmiro, a young woman goes up on a stage to deliver a monologue about her past and fight against herself.    

24 IN 2020 (2020)

Director: Camille DeBiase

Country: United States

Duration: 05:01

Synopsis: “24 IN 2020” is a comedy/drama told from the in utero perspective of a soon to be born baby who expresses his thoughts, predominantly through sound and voiceover, about the world around him – his world being modern day New York City during the Coronavirus pandemic.  His uncensored musings take us though a 24 hour period in 2020 with his astute, sometimes comical, sometimes serious observations.   

303: Endless Night (2018)

Director: Geena Jung

Country: Korea, Republic of

Duration: 26:00

Synopsis: A girl who stays on the bus from one end to the other. She is nauseated by the exhausting, repeated long journey and is haunted by mysterious visions caused by her negligent guardians. White shadows are stalking her. “Experimental”. A play.


Director: Erik Jasaň

Country: Slovakia

Duration: 09:22

Synopsis: The night reveals the secret of the relationship of a teenage Alexander, who decides to flee the house of his adoptive father. The film is a game of desires – the desire to own someone and the desire for freedom.  “It is necessary to stop the power that is being abused by the stronger!” 

Spectrum (2020)

Director: Fred Neuen

Country: Luxembourg

Duration: 07:19

Synopsis: Where do ideas come from? In this experimental short, where the end of the film and its beginning are the same – creating an endless loop, we follow a bizarre creature with lightbulbs screwed into its head. This creature is an “idea-messenger”, bringing sparks of imagination to people who need it. This dark fairytale shot in black and white and using a complex animatronic character is best viewed in an “art-installation”-setting, where its looping feature is the most obvious and visible.


Noize MC — League of Legend (2020)

Director: Vitaliy Kapitonov

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 03:57

Synopsis: This is a story about the desire for success, about trying to break out of the cycle of poverty and uselessness; about self-confidence and audacity that can pave the way through any adverse circumstances. Moreover the story says that any stop on the way to an unattainable ideal leads to a fall. And as you know the fight with yourself is the most difficult one. Overcoming yourself, you become one step closer to success.

Titi Woo – To All Who’s Out There (2020)

Director: Anastasia Miasnikova

Country: Israel

Duration: 02:49

Synopsis: A music video which depicts a boy who is letting go of his life.

Bi-2 — God of the Jilted (2020)

Director: Vladimir Besedin

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 03:43

Synopsis: A person deprived of love can become a monster is the main idea of the video. This is the story of the ugly duckling. But unlike Andersen’s fairy tale, where the hero’s suffering is rewarded and he becomes a beautiful swan, there is no happy ending here – revenge follows the insults.

Tryin’ To Be A Girl (2021)

Director: Nicolas Flory

Country: France

Duration: 04:28

Synopsis: In the Tryin’ to be a Girl videoclip, the viewer follows a man walking on a cable like a tightrope walker. In balance, he is attracted by a luminous point on the horizon. It crosses large areas populated by strange animals. Some invite him to the light, others try to make him lose his balance. He finally reaches his goal and plunges into an endless fall between hell and paradise.

Jivoy – Kosmos (2020)

Director: Yulia Kuznetsova

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 04:12

Headed West (2021)

Director: Thomas Leyland Torr

Country: South Africa

Duration: 04:29

Synopsis: The coming together of music and heartfelt storytelling. This music video was created by Thomas Leyland Torr, cousin to singer Malory, who’s wintery folk song inspired his bitter sweet animation.

Goodbye. (2020)

Director: Takuya Kawase

Country: Japan

Duration: 04:30

Synopsis: The boy longs for the stars. The boy experiences many difficulties, but with the courage to overcome them, he arrives at the universe he longs for.

I Don’t Want To Be (2020)

Director: David McNulty

Country: United Kingdom

Duration: 03:00

Synopsis: This DIY Artist’s experimental film combines three different Super 8mm film stocks to great narrative effect. The editors sit inside our heads.  Our thoughts are reassembled while we sleep as determinism seemingly orders the chaos of our minds until we catch it by the tail in the shards of broken glass.   Finished during the start of the COVID-10 Lockdown in the UK, the work has taken on a new meaning in the year since as we have all had a time thrust upon us to take stock and reflect on how we want to be in the world.

Sutoloka (2021)

Director: Mitya Kokorin

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 03:20