October 2020 – Moscow Shorts Official Selection


Manasanamaha (2020)

Director: Deepak reddy

Country: India

Duration: 16:37

Synopsis: A young man muses on the nature of love, recounting three relationships from his past. The girls in his life resemble three different seasons, namely Chaitra (Spring), Varsha (Monsoon) & Seeta (Winter).

Happy Birthday (2020)  

Director: Boris Dobrovolskiy

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 07:00

Synopsis: She invited guests to her birthday party, but nobody came…

Cuckoo! (2019)

Director: Jörgen Scholtens

Country: Netherlands

Duration: 07:00

Synopsis: Absurd comedy about a lonely man (Frank Lammers) who lives inside a cuckoo clock. Every hour he straps himself into his ejection seat and shoots through the doors of the clock. “Cuckoo!” He yells, “Cuckoo!” His work is of vital importance. The old lady who sits under the clock needs to take her medication exactly at the top of every hour. One day the man has the opportunity to win a substantial sum of money in a radio quiz. He loves gadgets and wants to buy a new computer. The only problem is that he can only dial in at the exact time he’s supposed to sit in his seat.     


Director: Pauline GARCIA

Country: France

Duration: 19:23

Synopsis: Is there a suitable age to face a loss for the first time ? Pamela, is 20 years old. She has just lost her grandfather. Her entire family gets together in the grandparents’s house, the day before the funeral. It is a place full of memories. Without noticing, Paloma is led to confront her loss. As if this end of summer marked the end of her frivolity.  

CHIMERA (2019)

Director: Pavel G. Vesnakov

Country: Bulgaria

Duration: 19:00

Synopsis: 31 years after Chernobyl disaster a man in Bulgaria finds a strange creature in his backyard. When the police fails to help him find its origin, he is forced to turn to God.

Bumper (2018)  

Director: Ralantoaritsimba Nirina

Country: France

Duration: 18:00

Synopsis: For many years, Max, a young man full of ambition, has been dreaming of being accepted in a prestigious school of political sciences. The day before the interview, he plans to spend the night at his grandmother’s house which is near where the oral exam will be taking place the next morning, thus hoping to be in the best mindset to succeed. But once he gets there, Max finds out his Grandma has decided to take her driver’s license again…       

Two Sisters (2019)

Director: Denis Pejovic

Country: Austria

Duration: 21:01

Synopsis: Two sisters reunite after years apart. Two opposing views of the father collide and each one defends a different truth about the deceased parent. In the meantime, they spot a mysterious object in one of the rooms. But they find themselves unable to uncover it.

Gabriël (2020)

Director: Paul Haans

Country: Netherlands

Duration: 13:00

Synopsis: It’s the start of 1945. Jacob, a twelve-year-old Jewish boy, is hiding in a cellar with his sister and uncle, in an evacuated village somewhere in the Liemers. Above their heads a fierce battle is raging over the freedom of the Netherlands. One day Jacob is above ground and runs into a heavily wounded German soldier who is trying to disguise himself as a Canadian soldier in a desperate attempt to save himself from the Allied forces. When the soldier faints, Jacob decides to help him and takes him down into the cellar, while keeping the identity of the soldier a secret for his sister and uncle.

Sasha’s looking for talents (2020)

Director: pavel sidorov

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 13:26

Quarantine (2020)

Director: Aleksandr Khant

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 14:20

Synopsis: Irina works as an accountant. In the middle of a coronavirus pandemic she decides to go to the office to transfer salaries to the company’s employees. However, her plan falls apart when she meets Boris, the paranoid security guard who protects the office not only from robbers but also from the virus itself.



Country: Belgium

Duration: 26:00

Synopsis: Henri returns to see his family after a long absence to visit his mother admitted in a psychiatric clinic. Despite his anxieties, unconsciously transmitted by his mother, Henri decides to get her out of the hospital and take care of her …



Country: Portugal

Duration: 06:00

Synopsis: A war-torn area. A solitary military checkpoint. A soldier stands guard alone, the only soul between two conflicting areas. Amidst the oppressive and desolate landscape, he discovers an unexpected connection with a little girl.

The Gift of All (2019)

Director: 吳兆鈞 / Marco Q Wu, 李原僑 / Joe Lee

Country: Taiwan

Duration: 22:50

Synopsis: Ko-Ching, an innocent-wannabe girl suddenly went viral due to the help of her BFF Jia-Ling. The over night sensation pushed Ko-Ching closer to the top streamer Hsiao-Hsuan. The fame Ko-Ching got from streaming grew her vanity, but the price to pay is her bound with Jia-Ling, which causes Ko-Ching gradually loses her life and identity.

Batyr (2020)

Director: Batyr

Country: Kazakhstan

Duration: 20:32

Synopsis: Dina’s son is seriously ill: he is running out of time. It is almost impossible to find such large sum of money in a short time for a lonely widow. Dina has to agree to the proposal of her boss, who offers to help Dina in exchange for sex. Only one night, but it will forever change Dina’s life. She will save her son, but she will forever lose herself as a woman.

Love, your survivor (2020)

Director: Roni Zorina

Country: Germany

Duration: 11:11

Synopsis: Vitya takes what he needs: he dances through life, takes drugs, sleeps it off. Repeat. Without thinking about the consequences. But his younger brother, Slava, can’t put up with this lifestyle anymore. 


Musya (2020)

Director: Maria Markina

Country: Canada

Duration: 25:30

Synopsis: Students from a Russian school in Toronto re-enact life stories of Maria Blagoveshchensky, a living witness to Stalin’s Reign of Terror for whom “life under the Soviets was worse than under the Germans during the war”. When the truth about millions of violently repressed prisoners of war comes out, their pride in the Soviet military triumph in WWII gets shaken. Through re-enactments and interviews, students contemplate the aftermath of Stalin’s regime and grapple with an answer to the question, “What is it really like to be afraid of your own people?” The film encourages an open conversation on the mistakes of the past – the only way to critically assess the direction the country is moving in at the moment.

Outsiders (2020)

Director: Gleb Osatinski

Country: United States

Duration: 11:52

Synopsis: Dmitry and Zhenya are Russians living in New York on expired visas, with their 7-month old daughter Dasha. Dasha was born in the US and is a citizen. When the baby has an accident one night, Zhenya wants to take her to the hospital, but Dmitry is reluctant, fearing they will be separated from her and deported.

The Last DuanGong (2019)

Director: YuXin Yan

Country: China

Duration: 20:31

Synopsis: The story is about a man called HengYu; he is a DuanGong (sorcerer in the Qiang language) in the real world. When the people surrounding him do not trust his traditional old spells, he still follows his own traditions and lives in his own spiritual world. His master who has experienced the rich and colorful life of the city, thought that being an old, traditional DuanGong is a job for getting money in exchange for liquor. The master always attempts to persuade HengYu to give up his obsession as a DuanGong and relax more in his work. One day, HengYu’s master steals a very important bell used for religious rites because he owed someone money, and it becomes a catalyst for family conflicts. HengYu’s sister uses the theft as an excuse to place the blame on HengYu’s wife, for whom she has held a grudge for not yet having kids with her brother. At the same time, HengYu found out that his wife was taking modern medicine behind his back which hurt him further. When HengYu learns the truth about the bell, he is disappointed in everyone around him. His wife cannot bear these conflicts and leaves home. At the end, HengYu takes all of his traditional props and heads to the graveyard to bury his culture…

Untouchable (2020)

Director: Pi Chengdong

Country: China

Duration: 28:30

Synopsis: As the spring Festival approaches, Cuile,  the foreman of Changde railway station, is opposed to let his girlfriend Xuran, a nurse, help at the frontline against the COVID-19.  He will however gradually question himself to finally become Xuran’s most fervent supporter.

An Ordinary Love Story (or a brief history of mankind) (2020)

Director: Kulapat Aimmanoj

Country: Thailand

Duration: 29:00

Synopsis: A Story of discovered scattered fragments of lost memories in the universe and the revelation of humanity’s true history. 

Nipple ban (2020)

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 02:28

Synopsis: One of the definitions of the modern feminism is that a woman has the right to do with her body as she sees fit. However, if she shows her nipples in public, punishment will follow. For example, Facebook and Instagram delete photos and even pieces of art depicting women’s nipples. While men have the every right to go shirtless and post photos with naked torso in the social network. Why?

How to work from home and not die (2020)

Director: Katherina Inkireva

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 02:15

Synopsis: Many of us are having a hard time working remotely because of the quarantine, and a lovely vampire Ilusha is not an exception. On his example this video gives an answer to the question as relevant as ever – how to work from home and not die?

Sunset over the Thames (2020)

Director: Boyuan LI

Country: United Kingdom

Duration: 15:12

Synopsis: During the epidemic, a Chinese student named Megan is about to celebrate her 30th birthday. Megan decides to buy an electric piano as a birthday gift to herself and meets Ruby, another Chinese female student who is attached to London but needs to return home.  Both slightly sad girls will accompany each other and spend a night together.


Year of the robot (2019)

Director: Yves Gellie

Country: France

Duration: 30:00

Synopsis: At the intersection of art and science, L’année du robot (Year of the robot) depicts the human being and the robot as its artificial counterpart. As a series of archival documents detailing the first contacts and dialogue between a robot gifted with an artificially created autonomy and human beings, it studies cognitive dissonance, a minute, mysterious relational space sitting between the two actors.  It involves elderly people sometimes afflicted with Alzheimer’s or dementia, or young adults with autism or neurological problems.   Once past the surprise phase and aware of the artificial nature of the robot’s functioning, the residents try, despite everything, to forge bonds with it.  

The Girl with Blue Eyes (2020)

Director: Alireza Mirasadollah

Country: United Kingdom

Duration: 15:00

Synopsis: An phouc is an 11 years old girl from Vietnam. her pairs of big bright blue eyes attracted many photographers from all around the world to visit her. she is one of the Vietnam tourist attractions icons but despite all that, An Phouc and her family are suffering from poverty and struggling with racism. She also has some bad memory of modeling for some doggy Photographers.     

Courier (2020)

Director: Stepan Liubimov

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 18:49

Synopsis: The story is about the creative youth of Russia, which was forced to work in isolation.   The main idea is about how to keep the artist inside, despite the external circumstances. Not circumstances dictate what you should be, but you yourself. No matter who you work, what matters is what you do.  A true artist is one who in any conditions continues to create and does not compromise.

White Paradise (2020)

Director: xavier istasse

Country: Belgium

Duration: 10:16

Synopsis: A young boy tell his story – before his dad kill him


Ivet and Michuco (2020)

Director: Juan Ignacio Meneu Oset

Country: Spain

Duration: 04:49

Synopsis: Ivet is a 6-year-old girl, so she thing is already very old, or so she thinks at least. Ivet is dreamy and has an extraordinary imagination. She is always inventing new worlds and characters. She has a cat – well, it’s stuffed puppet – and she calls her Michuco. Since she has no siblings, at home she always plays alone and fantasizes uncontrollably, causing complicated situations on more than one occasion.

Überfrog (2020)

Director: Tuomas Kurtakko

Country: Finland

Duration: 11:15

Synopsis: When a chase for a delicious dragonfly goes awry, a frog finds himself on a journey towards higher levels of amphibian consciousness, ultimately leading him down the rabbit hole to face his worst fears.

Lion Dance (2019)

Director: Yu Zhong

Country: China

Duration: 06:20

Synopsis: Forgotten and washed out, the dancing star lion is giving all it has to return to the public eye. The stranded lion unintentionally attends a lion dance performance at the Chinese New Year Temple Fair in Chinatown and achieves huge success, which reminds the lion of its glory days. It joins the lion dance team in excitement and learns from the Panda Master — dreaming of a career rejuvenation, but only to realize that lion dancing is unheeded and disliked except during traditional holidays. Lion dancing is an abandoned culture. Chinatown will be pulled down to make room for a international city lay-out,forcing the lion dance team to disband. The lion returns to the lion mountain in loneliness, then comes to realize its passion for lion dance. In order to save this culture, it comes up a crazy idea of combing the lion dance and modern choreography, and returns to the city.



Country: Spain

Duration: 07:00

Synopsis: Dominique had been the most prestigious talent scout in París. Now, he is only the shadow of his past until he discovers Sofía, an Spanish flamenco dancer who emigrates to France because of the Spanish civil war and who hides the secret of the greatest talent in history.

Opinci (2019)

Director: Anton Groves, Damian Groves

Country: Romania

Duration: 17:53

Synopsis: A film based on a true story about a record breaking globetrotter and widowed father, who uses his extraordinary past to teach his young daughter lessons about life.   


Dashing strings shimmer at the bottom of the blackened box (2020)

Director: Arseny Kalmykov

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 06:29

Synopsis: A clash, occurring at the bottom of a spaceless casket, moves in one direction and doesn’t want to be resolved.  P.S. When I uploaded this project to filmfreeway it meant to be looped. For this reason, the film has no credits at the beginning and the end. But if they are necessary for showing at your festival, then I will send a version with captions.     

Ophelia (2020)

Director: Hadi Moussally

Country: France

Duration: 06:06

Synopsis: A tribute to the Pre-raphaelite brotherhood by telling the story of the creation of some of the most famous paintings, especially the most known “Ophelia” by Sir John Everett Millais. Where we can see nature taking more and more place in the art. The group’s intention was to reform art by rejecting what it considered the mechanistic approach.    



Country: Germany

Duration: 22:00

Synopsis: A young man escapes his routine to find out what he truly wants in life. His friends refuse to participate in his endeavor, so he goes alone and arrives further than he ever would have dared to dream. 

EGGG (2020)


Country: Japan

Duration: 08:00

Synopsis: Eggg is a fast-paced visual essay shedding light onto what it is that drives us all. The film examines us as the collective mystery with the steadfast common goal: to get bigger.

Sderot Kissufim (2019)

Director: Noga Dekel

Country: Israel

Duration: 20:18

Synopsis: A casual encounter on Tinder between Michal – a film student, and Alex – a local guy from Sderot, takes an unexpected turn, while the two embark on a poetic journey between Sderot and Paris.

Narcisi (2020)

Director: Rebecca Lejić-Tiernan

Country: United States

Duration: 02:56

Synopsis: A super 8 film exploring the psychological effects of Narcissism.




Country: Brazil

Duration: 04:00



Country: France

Duration: 04:00

Synopsis: A soldier wakes up in a desertic landscape. Completly lost, he walks for days and weeks before encountering a mysterious object.

VENTURA (2018)


Country: Spain

Duration: 04:00

Synopsis: About luck in life.

Dormo e Poco Sogno Molto – Espana Circo Este (2020)

Director: Paolo Santamaria

Country: Italy

Duration: 03:37

Synopsis: A travel through imagination, finding a place called home.

Erik Sumo: Run into the wild (2020)

Director: Richard Kassai

Country: Hungary

Duration: 03:51