September 2020 – Moscow Shorts Official Selection


The Man From The Diner (2019)  

Director: Gianna Isabella

Country: Canada

Duration: 07:38

Synopsis: A man’s daily routine is interrupted when a mysterious woman shows up at the diner.

Anna (2020)

Director: Éric PINÉDA

Country: France

Duration: 10:03

Synopsis: Anna’s lifelless body is abandoned on a deserted road in the middle of a forest. Like the character’s name, this palindromic film tells the story of how this young woman from a wealthy family met her tragic end.     

Truth Hertz (2020)

Director: Shaun Majumder

Country: United States

Duration: 02:54

Synopsis: When a father suspects his son is lying,  he buys lie detector robot and gets more truth than he had hoped for.   

Nahjum (2020)

Director: Sebastian Torres Greene, Manuel Del Valle

Country: Mexico

Duration: 16:31

Synopsis: A prehistoric family´s desperate search for a mythical source of life turns into tragedy when the egos and obsessions of their male members rise to the surface.

Christy (2019)

Director: Brendan Canty

Country: Ireland

Duration: 14:55

Synopsis: A 16-year-old school-dropout interviews for a job, but when he’s let down by his brother he lashes back and looks to his friend for support.   

Drummer boy.

Director: Fatty Soprano (Leo Rossikov), Shutterr (Shawn Vasquez)

Country: Canada

Duration: 06:05

Synopsis: A drummer who takes his passion to a new extreme, addiction some may call it? How will he overcome his obsession?

Feel ill at ease (2020)

Director: QI Shaoyi

Country: China

Duration: 19:53

Synopsis: Young worker Qian felt disquiet after found herself pregnant. Boy friend Tian Tao would catch his “man dream” and decide to leave hometown for new work that made growing Qian’s anxiety. For working, living and new life, How would Qian face what she never faced before?

I’m coming! (2020)

Director: Maria Forslin

Country: Sweden

Duration: 05:08

Synopsis: A group of teenagers party outside. Anja, a seemingly quiet and shy girl, gets an opportunity (via the game hide-and-seek) to be alone with Simon whose girlfriend Isabella counts. Alone with each other and bit drunk, they hook up. They reach their climax when Isabella shouts “I’m coming!” 

PEACOCK (2020)

Director: LI YUNRUI

Country: China

Duration: 19:04

Synopsis: This is a story about courage and love. Shaojie who wants to go to Shanghai to perform and his father who will get married again, are falling into a situation of incomprehension with each other, at the same time grandpa sees everything in his eyes.

RAW (2020)

Director: Drake Shannon

Country: United States

Duration: 10:29

Synopsis: During a military patrol, past and present are blurred by a horrifying transgression.

AABA (2016)


Country: India

Duration: 21:22

Synopsis: “Aaba” (“Grandfather”) is set in a remote village of Arunachal Pradesh in North East India. An orphan girl staying with her grandparents comes across the news of her grandfather being in the advanced stages of lung cancer and would probably survive just a few weeks. With not much to do the grandfather spends rest of his days revisiting his personal possessions and digging his own grave. But life has its own surprises…

CUT (2017)


Country: United Kingdom

Duration: 18:00

Synopsis: After being the victim of revenge porn, 17-year-old Chloe decides to enter a fitness modeling competition in order to change her image. But once at the competition she realises that it will be difficult to shed. How far will she go to redefine herself and regain control?

GAME (2017)


Country: Not Specified

Duration: 15:00

Synopsis: A new kid in town shows up at the high school boys basketball tryouts and instantly makes an impression. Will talent and drive be enough to make the team?


Director: EVA M. C. ZANEN

Country: Netherlands

Duration: 11:00

Synopsis: 76 year old Sjaak tries to write a speech for his recently deceased wife, but he is only capable of writing starters. While the ceremony begins, Sjaak is postponing the speech. He has to find the true way to say goodbye to his great love.

LOST FACE (2016)


Country: Canada

Duration: 14:00

Synopsis: Adapted from the Jack London story: A fur thief must think fast to escape the terrible, protracted death that awaits him at the hands of the native tribe he had helped enslave.



Country: Spain

Duration: 14:00

Synopsis: Fernando and Perfecta are a married couple who have been married for 50 years. He is an amateur magician, who is a bit deaf and forgetful. He uses his magic to draw his wife’s attention. However, she only cares about her cats, because they disappear in strange circumstances. One day, Perfecta finds out that Fernando is the one who is responsible for the cats disapearance and the strange death of her beloved cats, so she takes revenge in their anniversary dinner.



Country: Uruguay

Duration: 05:00

Synopsis: While Donald Trump is undergoing heart surgery, a portal to another reality opens. Latinos start falling from the sky to the desert, on the Mexico – US border, divided by an enormous wall. An hilarious war breaks between a Trump-like mecha robot and several stereotypical Mexican Latinos.

LemonMilk (2020)

Director: Wylie Chan Wai Yee

Country: Hong Kong

Duration: 14:49

Synopsis: In the insurance exam hall, Wing is afraid of being categorized as social failures. She trains hard to be professional. However Wing is pressured by the examiner Chan and it’s been tough. With Wing’s pure heart, the system slowly malfunctions…  When life gives you lemon, you make lemon tea and you swallow it. But is this our only way out?

The Wood (2020)

Director: Lu Huatian

Country: China

Duration: 14:30

Synopsis: Two boys were playing in the wild woods. They saw a strange woman in a red coat. They followed her only to discover that things are more complicated than they thought. When the woman followed them back, an evil idea emerges in their heart.


Ecolove (2019)

Director: Dmitry Grigoriev

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 23:03

Synopsis: Lisa, who lives a fully zero-wasted life on her own, meets a guy, who pays interest in her. Suddenly her eco-freaking starts to freak him out.

The River Will Carry Them (2020)

Director: Keyi Zhang

Country: China

Duration: 12:55

Synopsis: The geological explorer Bin finds a “non-existent” river in the mountains, which guides him gradually to find his lover who had died in the past. And Man, the chef who has always been staying in the station, is the only person who understands him. After helping Man escape from the harassment of his teammates, Bin is finally able to “meet” with his lover.

Son of a human being (2020)

Director: Evgeny Vedrov

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 09:28

Synopsis: A door slam wakes up a client of a small-town guest house in the middle of the night. Trying not to give himself away, he starts moving stealthily around the rooms in search of the one who woke him. But his journey turns into a mystic quest.

The Romantic Movement (2019)

Director: Yuhe Lu

Country: United States

Duration: 20:01

Synopsis: Obsessed with his recent breakup, a young writer decides to commit suicide by midnight if his ex-lover doesn’t return to him. As he reminisces their past while waiting in his gloomy house, unbearable realizations beyond unrequited love come to challenge his beliefs in himself.

The Amazing World of Emma (2020)

Director: Laurence Roberts

Country: United Kingdom

Duration: 10:00

Synopsis: A University student’s life is turned upside down when she discovers the existence of a website dedicated to her.

About The Fire On Rabbi Nissim Street (2020)

Director: Matan Galin

Country: Israel

Duration: 10:00

Synopsis: Yehuda’s house burned down. An absurd ticket demanding to pay the fire service, sends the boy to the fire station to fight it.


Footprints (2020)

Director: Imran Hamdulay

Country: South Africa

Duration: 08:46

Synopsis: Footprints is a docu-fiction short about grief and memory. The film presents a study of solitude, a stasis that sets in when one’s memories hover, like ghosts, in the present. Footprints is a personal portrait of the director’s mother, a spiritual rendition of grief and remembrance, showing how the absence of loved ones itself becomes one’s companion.

Mamma (2020)

Director: Pablo Cirès

Country: France

Duration: 26:07

Synopsis: While she was struggling every day against her lung cancer, I stumbled across some of my mother’s videotapes: her travels, her wedding, my birth.Her present, overshadowed by the disease, revolving only around waiting, treatments, morphine, was so different from the archives that showed her to me in a new light: radiant, carefree, loving. Feeling that her life was slipping through my fingers, before she died, I wanted one last time to make her talk and photograph her.     

Bamboo Ballads (2020)

Director: Sajeed Naduthody

Country: India

Duration: 29:49

Synopsis: Bamboo Ballads is a documentary that tells the story of a school student, Naina Febin, who is using music to conserve her favourite plant, bamboo. She plants bamboo saplings in every available space—school campuses, public areas, private compounds, and so on. She distributes bamboo saplings to the residents in her neighbourhood. Naina is even writing a book on bamboo. She has formed a bamboo music band that uses only instruments made of bamboo. She is the lead vocalist and the band has only one goal—spread awareness on bamboo conservation. The band performs folk songs from a bygone era when bamboo was the main building material and the mainstay of the rural economy. Naina wants to retrieve that bamboo culture, which is a route to sustainable development. Bamboo Ballads takes the viewer through a journey that covers the philosophy, myth and the heritage of bamboo and its importance in conserving the environment.

Consuming Contemporary (2019)

Director: Ana Aleksovska

Country: Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of

Duration: 25:00

Synopsis: A bunch of seniors enjoys Skopje’s cultural events on a daily basis, as well as the food offered there. When societal judgment is about to stop their way of having fun – they realize how much more this habit means to them.

Polymers (2020)

Director: Nikas Kotich

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 22:00

Synopsis: Today, it is difficult to imagine any area of human activity, where we are not surrounded by products based on polymer materials. Try to look around. Of the five objects around you four are polymeric. Polymers are everywhere. We live in the age of polymers. It’s a natural response to the society’s needs. There is a growing demand for polymer materials everywhere. Their presence in our lives is much stronger than we could ever imagine. So what are polymers?  The film explains how polymers are made and how they affect our lives, being an integral component of many surrounding objects, which people interact with every day. However, the film also aims to draw the attention to environmental challenges associated with the plastic usage.


The Ephemeral Orphanage (2020)

Director: Lisa Barcy

Country: United States

Duration: 15:00

Synopsis: A group of tattered paper dolls daydream alternate realities and surreptitiously explore the hidden lives of their strict and secretive caregivers. Hijinks ensue and discoveries are made as the characters live out their childhood fantasies. Created with found paper dolls cut from a 1920’s newspaper and found in an attic, the film explores the adults attempt to dictate what girls learn, and the children’s talent for discovering forbidden knowledge. 

Pray (2020)

Director: Joe Chang

Country: Canada

Duration: 04:32

Synopsis: The film is about an artist’s real life and pious prayers.

You are (not) the only one (2020)

Director: Riccardo Albertazzi

Country: Italy

Duration: 02:34

Synopsis: A day in quarantine with John Lennon.

In My Particular Case (2020)


Country: Uruguay

Duration: 04:12

Synopsis: In a world in which focus no longer stands out dispersion occupies the foreground. This is the theme of this film that shows different resources of animation in adapting to the rhythm of our minds. After all, what other art, if not animation, can shape so many imaginary worlds?

In Shape

Director: Nolan J Downs

Country: United States

Duration: 01:52



Country: Turkey

Duration: 08:00

Synopsis: S., 8 years old, is a little Turkish girl with an overflowing imagination. She is keen on nature and animals. As she is in hospital, she is looking back on happy holidays in her granparents’ village, but dark and terrifying memories emerged and, little by little, begin to make sense.

52 – A Tale of Loneliness

Director: Johnny DePalma

Country: United States

Duration: 04:31

Synopsis: Far beneath the beautiful sea, a unique whale sings a song that is all his own. Inspired by the incredible true story of the 52 Hz whale, “52 A Tale of Loneliness,” invites viewers on an underwater journey that is certain to be as unique as 52 himself.


Doll Maker (2019)

Director: Amy Fitzpatrick

Country: United Kingdom

Duration: 04:06

Synopsis: Graduate Film. A surreal and subconscious view of my childhood and my way of understanding control and coping with getting older. Aesthetically obscure and emotionally childlike in a surrealist fashion.   

Sams Party (2020)

Director: isaac Elliott

Country: Australia

Duration: 07:16

Synopsis: It was November 2005 in Alice Springs when Sam hosted a party after a year 10 school dance.  According to Sam it was the ‘Sickest party of the year’.  

Monorail (2020)

Director: Shizuko Tabata

Country: Japan

Duration: 07:15

Synopsis: This work examines the relationship between landscape and framing by featuring the changing Tokyo landscape from a monorail window within a picture frame. Each picture is framed individually and then becomes part of a stop motion animated sequence. By deliberately creating another frame and a blank space within the picture and moving it around, I was playing with the idea of re-framing a “landscape” that normally would have an infinite expanse. I also wanted to portray the psychology of changing perspectives through sound.    

Outopia (2020)

Director: Helen Rollins

Country: United Kingdom

Duration: 08:09

Synopsis: In this experimental film by unknown Slovene director Franc Kranjc, an actor – during a rehearsal for a bleak play about puritans – becomes strangely compelled by then stuck in the floor, finding beneath it a world of kitsch and colour that ultimately traps him too.



Director: Manoel

Country: Not Specified

Duration: 04:10

Synopsis: Nosso Trato is a new independent work by Lia Paris in partnerships that brings together a crossing of visions and creative universes, which is the concept of the album also co-produced by professionals of different strands and nationalities. The video was shot before the pandemic in Los Angeles. The visual identity shows a vision of the future and the idea of ​​human gods, human beings endowed with mental and control of elements and energies. In her videos Lia incorporates entities, personifying hybrid versions between mysterious beings and part of herself. “OUR DEAL”is inspired by her Brazilian indigenous roots and the power of shamans with their power of spells with organic elements of the rainforest in the musical production of  “Spaniol” who mixed this live elements with electronic sounds working the essence of Lia and also other influences  of the repertoire of two of them.

ANDALUZ (2020)

Director: Lia Paris Music Art

Country: Brazil

Duration: 04:08

Synopsis: The music video for the song Andaluz is from the latest album by the multimedia artist Lia Paris, “MultiVerso”. Andaluz is a new independent work by Lia with partnerships that brings an intersection of visions and creative universes, which is part of the concept of the album also co-produced by professionals with different strands and nationalities. The video was shot before the pandemic in Hot Springs desert, Anaheim, and Huntington beach in California. The visual identity shows Lia’s connection with the spirits and her music inspiration. In her videos, Lia visually incorporates these local entities, personifying their characteristics in hybrid versions between these mysterious beings and part of herself. Andaluz is inspired by the Andalusia region where the artist has a special connection. Lia’s Work always brings in her visual poetry about the voices of nature, future visions, and themes about the urgent need for the evolution of the human being to come into a balance with the environment.

Vicious (2019)

Director: Lucie Friederike Mueller

Country: Germany

Duration: 02:38

Synopsis: A feeling of being lost that connects them. The elusiveness that they share. A introssast towards one another, then away again. At the same place, yet somewhere completely different. In ‘Vicious’, the protagonists of the film ‘L’eclisse’ (Michelangelo Antonioni) are caught up in this feeling.

with my confession holding the pieces of crimsoned mind (2020)

Director: Shuan Yu Lin

Country: Taiwan

Duration: 05:39

Synopsis: A man take a random missions to get money. more money comes different difficulty. when he gets lots money but didn’t know what kind of dangerous situation he into.  (original music by Major in body bear)

Balkanika (2020)

Director: Lu Pulici

Country: Italy

Duration: 05:00

Synopsis: This is the true story of Vladimir Sambol, an accordionist and composer from Rijeka, who migrated to Sweden to escape the war, carrying only his accordion with him. Seventy years later his daughter, to revive her father, gives his sheets music to a musical group: the Guappecartò. Thus was born “Sambol – migrant love”.

Let me breath (2020)

Director: Jean Charles Counet

Country: Latvia

Duration: 03:56

Synopsis: Next to the Baltic Sea, medical worker and singer-songwriter Olya Palushina gathered with her friend and choreographer Arina Bubovica to shoot a music video amid the waves of the Covid-19 virus.  Inspired by the Russian coronavirus nurse Nadia Zhukova, who went viral after going to work in underwear under her transparent dress, Olya and Arina decided to dedicate this work to Olya’s colleagues during this pandemic.

MARGAUX VOL.1 (2018)


Country: United States

Duration: 02:00

Synopsis: A retro magazine comes alive.

MX ‘Ihminen’ (2020)

Director: Sakari Lerkkanen

Country: United Kingdom

Duration: 07:32

Synopsis: Set in Civil war, the film explores violence and compassion from two perspectives. Father and son who try to escape the violence. Their enemy who seeks revenge in the very same battle after losing a friend. In the midst of cruelty the two stories, two enemies meet and find humane connection gradually building towards crescendo where only memories are left behind, before the departure to other side.

TIME IS GOD (2020)

Director: Pepo Alfaro , Elena Gutierrez, Pablo Garrido

Country: Spain

Duration: 04:00

Synopsis: “TIME is not real – it is a human construct to help us differentiate between now and our perception of the past,  The concept of time is simply an illusion made up of human memories, everything that has ever been and ever will be is happening RIGHT NOW.

KNOCK – Part I (2020)

Director: Marcel Zyskind

Country: Denmark

Duration: 04:03

Synopsis: A dance piece directed by Marcel Zyskind and featuring Maria Kochetkova performing choreography by Sebastian Kloborg. The title and musical inspiration draw from Kronos Quartet’s “Knock” written in 2016 by Joan Jeanrenaud for Kronos’ 50 for the Future.  Shot on an early summer morning of 2020 on 35mm film with an old Russian camera (Konvas 2M) with just enough film for one full take for the dance sequence, this performance was as close to a live show as the team could get.