August 2020 – Moscow Shorts Official Selection




Country: Cyprus

Duration: 08:17

Perpetual Child (2020)  

Director: Stephanie Sant

Country: Malta

Duration: 10:41

Synopsis: Egaline, Oskar and Amante’s parents are away. A freak accident involving Oskar and their nanny, Rita, arises, and Oskar hides the consequence from his sisters. A day of playing in the garden and in the rooms passes and their parents have not returned, which upsets them. Egaline stops her piano playing to announce that their parents need them to go find them. At dusk, Egaline drives Oskar and Amante in their parents’ car into the dark, as another car pulls up to the house.

Marketa in the Desert (2019)

Director: Maddie Gwinn

Country: United States

Duration: 14:59

Synopsis: Two sisters reconnect on a road trip across the California desert to visit their estranged mother, set in the backdrop of the fall of the Iron Curtain.     



Country: Australia

Duration: 08:00

Synopsis: Recognizing the ingenuine nature of her existence, a seemingly content woman in her thirties questions if confronting her deeply buried past might be her only way forward – if she can handle the pain that comes with it.



Country: France

Duration: 15:00

Synopsis: Somewhere in the desert, a little boy is plunged by force into an intimidating and completely foreign new world: the world of camel racing. Will the distant hope of seeing his mother again give him the strength to overcome his fears and find his place in this hostile environment?       



Country: Germany

Duration: 25:00

Synopsis: The coldest German winter of World War II. African-American private Jamar gets lost behind the enemy frontline. When he takes shelter in a cabin deep in the forest he struggles in an uncertain path with fateful encounters for heading home again. 



Country: United States

Duration: 14:00

Synopsis: A desperate pickpocket reconsiders his actions when he encounters another pickpocket stealing from a pregnant woman.



Country: Ireland

Duration: 15:00

Synopsis: Jack is excited to head out to sea on a fishing trip with his Dad. But things take a sudden dark turn when his Dad tells him there is a monster lurking beneath their boat and insists that Jack must go down in the water and face it head-on.

MOTHER (2018)

Director: CHASE LEE

Country: Korea, Republic of

Duration: 18:00

Synopsis: A slice of life that delves into the life of Hali Kim a struggling actress in the demanding entertainment world trying to show ndependence and strength.


Director: James Schlesinger

Country: United Kingdom

Duration: 17:00

Synopsis: Haunted by the past, a man struggles to cope with the fallout from a tragic accident.

Good Ol’ Bernie (2020)

Director: Olivier Ducray, Wilfried Méance

Country: France

Duration: 11:03

Synopsis: Just retired, Bernie has only one goal left: Win the next regional game of race walking!

Winter Garden (2020)

Director: Mustafa Deniz

Country: Turkey

Duration: 14:55

Synopsis: Sengul is an old woman who lost her husband years ago. Her daughter Gamze, who is a civil servant, is married and has 2 children; It closely deals with the needs of Sengul. Sengul spends her quiet and lonely life by trying to keep the the winter garden alive as a souvenir from her husband.

Sunburned (2020)

Director: Nadia Ayala Tabachnik

Country: Mexico

Duration: 13:16

Synopsis: Two neighbors and a rough Sunday. Elena, a woman with a well-structured life, the “perfect” boyfriend and perfectly ironed clothes. Irene, a free woman who hates being tied down and pre-established relationships. They are accidentally forced to spend a whole day together and interact, discovering they’re not so different and that sometimes there’s no better conversation partner than a stranger.

Way back (2020)

Director: Aleksandar Adzic

Country: Serbia

Duration: 15:10

Synopsis: Dunja and Jasna are traveling with their mother Jovana to visit their father who lives alone in the cottage. DUNJA and JASNA are convinced that he had abandoned their mother because of the affair with another woman. By exchanging impressions of his action, they remember the past and reveal the expectations of a meeting. DUNJA treats this affair as a product of the father’s crisis and hopes the visit could reunite family, while JASNA has accepted the parent’s divorce as a final. Under the pressure, the mother reveals there was no adultery. She simply never loved their father.


Director: Azuma Fujitani

Country: Japan

Duration: 29:21

Synopsis: In 1950, Sakuji married the young widow of his brother, Genji, who was killed in the war. The family scrape together the money to send the couple to a hot spring resort for their honeymoon.  Sakuji has always been in love with his brother’s wife, Sayo. Meanwhile, she still thinks about Genji and carries his letters on the trip. Sakuji is hurt and confesses to Sayo that he had secretly hoped his brother would not return from the war. The perfect honeymoon turns sour as their secrets spill out…


Director: Luiza Campos

Country: Brazil

Duration: 11:28

Synopsis: In an advertising film set, things can easily get unsettling.

Online-distemper (2020)

Director: Victor Salimianov

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 12:10


Midnight Movie : Magnum Opus

Director: Myriam Khammassi

Country: Tunisia

Duration: 12:48

Synopsis: In his quest for the perfect sculpture, aiming to reproduce the human body and especially the flesh, Slim, a sculptor, will go as far as kill to create the perfect exposure, the perfect mix between pulp and clay.

A Glimpse of Dreams. (2020)

Director: Simon Arciniegas

Country: Canada

Duration: 08:30

Synopsis: A 10-year-old boy finds joy in the darkness of the night: The puppets in his theater recite dramatic lines from Shakespeare, Brecht, and his own invention. In his room, Dream and Imagination go hand in hand, and Magic announces his arrival at 3 in the morning. Alexander uses his film camera and projector to live and create this oneiric world.


Director: Dinko Draganovic

Country: Austria

Duration: 15:00

Synopsis: On his way to take his daughter to gymnastics, a gambling addict stops at a betting shop, leaving the 9-year-old girl in the car. When he returns, he realizes nothing will ever be the same again.

The Mirror (2020)

Director: Leila Murton Poole

Country: Australia

Duration: 16:35

Synopsis: Mathilde, a mute French orphan, helps to protect Madame B, the most superstitious lady in the world, from all bad luck. Both have developed their own coping mechanisms to deal with extreme loss. When Mathilde breaks Madame B’s most prized possession, a magical mirror, she goes on a journey to fix it. Along the way, she meets 12 year old Tobias who is wise beyond his years and changes her life forever.

I love Eve (2020)

Director: Кристина Манжула

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 16:36

Synopsis: Nastya has only one friend called Eve. A dark creature living in a tunnel at an abandoned hydroelectric station. One day, the girl decides to escape from her mother and her new lover, but Eve comes to their house. 


LAST KISS (2020)

Director: Eradzh Nidoev

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 04:29

Synopsis: We often stop valuing what we have. The director had the idea of creating a social experiment among couples “with troubles”, and so to see what would happen if they had to break up for real…

Felix (2020)

Director: Olga Peretyatkova

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 19:18

Synopsis: The young artist comes to the studio to his friend, the famous Moscow monumentalist, to paint his portrait.     

Then comes the evening (2019)

Director: Maja Novaković

Country: Serbia

Duration: 27:30

Synopsis: The documentary depicts the bittersweet life of two grannies living isolated on the hills of Eastern Bosnia. Nature is the entity with which grannies speak, listen to, and respect. The film emphasizes the intangible cultural heritage, through the presentation of chants and rituals for taming the adverse weather, hail, and storm. It reflects the simplicity and purity of their way of life, as well as their painstaking work. The action of the film is the everyday life in the countryside, which shows the caring and intimacy of the grannies, both in their mutual relations and in the relationship with nature. The poetic tone of the frames relies on references from genre scenes of realism paintings.

Robin Food (2019)

Director: Pavel Maximov

Country: Italy

Duration: 20:00

Synopsis: Robin Food is a non-profit and pay-as-you-feel restaurant with a mission: rescue, cook and serve food that otherwise would go to waste. The restaurant is saving fruit and vegetables from markets and farms to raise public awareness on issues of food waste, sustainability and climate change in the most tangible and delicious way possible: a tasty meal.  Robin Food location: Sirkin St 24, Haifa, Israel  Subtitles: English, Spanish, Italian (coming soon Russian, Hebrew, Polish).


A Town Where We live (2020)

Director: Nat Yoswatananont

Country: Thailand

Duration: 05:14

Synopsis: As Phakphum travels back from the city to the small village that he has lived since his childhood, he recalls the day he arrives in this town due to his father’s job duty. And that day had changed his life forever when he met Kanya, a country girl who took him on an unforgettable journey.

The Shadow of the Sun (2019)

Director: Ido Hartmann

Country: Israel

Duration: 08:00

Synopsis: 7 years ago Boaz has cut all ties with his parents, brother & sister, his friends, and his previous world. The film tracks the story of his disappearance and embarks in a surreal journey into the memories he left with his family.

Napo (2020)

Director: Gustavo Ribeiro

Country: Brazil

Duration: 16:28

Synopsis: John, unable to understand the illness that drives his grandfather between past and present states, stumbles into an old album full of photographs and then let the images guide his imagination, transforming his grandpa’s memories into drawing interpretations. Drawings that shapes their relationship into a history of remembrance and memory building.

Said No Lover (2019)

Director: Miguel Rodrick

Country: United States

Duration: 04:00

Synopsis: Music Video for the song Said No Lover by Aaron Gibson & Nahuel Bronzini. A song about leaving everything you love, and the demons that follow you.


Director: Charlie Jutras

Country: Canada

Duration: 03:28

Synopsis: KINGDOM OF WASTE Our garbage accumulates and gives life to a plastic monster. We wish his reign to be short. It is probably time to think over how we produce and consume to pollute less.   


I Wanna Be a Kid (2019)

Director: Sam Nickelson

Country: United States

Duration: 02:31

Synopsis: A collection of children’s commercials for the real world, this subversive experimental film shows that when it comes to adulthood, some societal assembly is required.  

Railway Map (2019)

Director: Amulio Jose Espinosa

Country: Finland

Duration: 30:00

Synopsis: “The Mayan Train” is a project to be built in the Yucatán Península, México. The construction has been fast-tracked to start in 2020 ignoring social and environmental concerns.   Shot among remnants of an old railroad line and exploring different concepts, this experimental film interprets the spaces that will be buried beneath the path of the coming train.

Stoners / Slices of Infinity (2019)

Director: Fred Miranda

Country: Portugal

Duration: 07:14

Synopsis: Conceptual Thriller homaging the Portuguese Marble.    

Aphrodite (2020)

Director: Anastasia Kaluzhnaya , Maria Kochergina

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 02:23

Synopsis: In the light of the promotion of equality, we forget about the polarity that is given to us by nature. This opposite is shown in the difference of energy, demonstration of which is not immediately noticeable in the metropolis. Megapolis removes the gender and equates male and female energy. But only by losing the necessity of society, we can understand our origins and feel freedom.  Aphrodite is the oldest image of a woman who has hardly escaped herself from the gravity of society – an example that is not outdated at all. The example of the real woman which is relevant for the present time. She showed how nature and the acceptance of the self-energy can overcome rejection by society and get the title of the Goddess of Love.  Lina can’t find a common ground with the city where she lives. Mental desolation becomes a habitual guide of her reality. Lack of similar attitudes and approaches to life from people around and the noisy city motivates her to leave away. By reaching the place of power, Lina notices a group of young women who are spending time in a meadow near the river. They are dressed almost the same, they have the same physique, but all of young women have different faces. Lina decides to join the mysterious company.

Oneirologue (2020)

Director: Ailín Ó Dálaigh

Country: Canada

Duration: 00:47

Synopsis: A remembrance of a dream occuring in June of 2020. Composed of original footage and re-filmed found footage, Oneirologue presents the impression of a mind plagued by cinematic images and subconscious impulses.


Mira (2020)

Director: daniel finkelman

Country: Ukraine

Duration: 05:09

Synopsis: Cast in the role of a witness to history, a street musician at the Lodz Ghetto sees Mira and her family rounded up by the Gestapo and herded onto a cattle car as they are sent to their untimely deaths at Auschwitz.

PEARL (2019)


Country: Spain

Duration: 04:00

Synopsis: In a dystopian setting, a young woman is struggling betwenn freezing her emotional side or sticking to it.

TOM And His Computer “Future Ruins” (2020)

Director: Martin Garde Abildgaard

Country: Denmark

Duration: 04:16

Synopsis: A story about love, life and death.