Nominees for Best Student 2020


Director: Nina Moiseeva

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 12:05

Synopsis: Single mother has a child with a serious illness. Their life is an endless line of doctors, medications and worries that almost end in a breakdown. The woman believes that she can magically save her daughter with control and strict discipline, while the girl fights desperately for her freedom and youth.

Happy Ending

Director: Ramzi el Khoury

Country: Lebanon

Duration: 14:12

Synopsis: Scrolling blankly through his phone, Chadi notices something written on one of his Whatsapp groups: “You are the only one left in the group”.  He realizes that the group of his old university friends is now dissolved and he is the only one left. The idea starts to affect his mood and slowly builds up into an inner monologue reflecting about his loneliness, frustration and lack of human connection.

No Heroes

Director: Kamil Loutfi

Country: Sweden

Duration: 18:30

Synopsis: Taxi driver Daniel picks up his last fare for the night, a boy and his father in a hurry to get to the airport. When the boy starts acting strangely, Daniel begins to suspect that the father isn’t who he claims to be. No Heroes is a film about finding the courage to act, knowing who to trust in a world of conflicting truths and our responsibility towards strangers.

Things we don`t talk about

Director: Dan Johan Filip Svensson

Country: Norway

Duration: 18:11

Synopsis: After surviving a car accident, thirteen-year-old Edvin isolates himself from friends and family. When his father forces him to go to rehabilitation, he can no longer avoid dealing with his trauma.

Water Off a Duck’s Back

Director: Thomas Morelli

Country: United Kingdom

Duration: 09:45

Synopsis: A slaughterhouse delivery man gets stuck with a duck forgot on his vehicle.


Director: Sif Lina Lambæk

Country: Denmark

Duration: 22:31

Synopsis: Only women with sons live in Higland. The grey concrete world is being ruled by a dictator, the Allmother. In the Highland there is one special rule: When boys turn fifteen, they must spend the rest of their lives in a work camp and serve the Highlands forever.  Lea is the mother of fifteen-year-old Eddie and all his life they have been trying to get enough school points, so he could become a night man – the only profession in the camp that allows the boys to come in to the Highlands to work. In that way, the mothers can still be able to catch a glimpse of their sons, even though it’s from distance.  One day a mysterious stranger offers Lea to help Eddie out of the eternal life in the camp, Lea is put in a dilemma: Should she keep him in the Highland or should she defy the system and let go of her son forever?


Director: Dora Šustić

Country: Czech Republic

Duration: 05:06

Synopsis: On a Sunday morning, young Marie is preparing for the Holy Communion ceremony, dressing with the help of her mother. While having breakfast and waiting for her tea, Marie is pulled into a mysterious world of her fantasy, triggered by the vibrant red colour of the tea. In her dreamworld, she is playful in the company of her friends, with whom she shares the purity, innocence and childishness of her age. However, something is haunting Marie, calling her to explore the depths and darkness of a scary rocky forest. She is left alone upon her discovery of a lake where a mysterious voluptuous woman resides, offering her the Fruit of Fertility. The secret Marie keeps within becomes evident in her fantasy, and she passes it on to her mother, when waking up form a dream.

The Harakiri

Director: Roman Blatman

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 18:00

Synopsis: A young frustrated poet moves into an old communal apartment in Saint Petersburg. Incompetence leads him to the constant contemplation of a suicide and anticipation of a post-mortem fame. However, apartment he’s settled in is not suitable for meeting one’s end because of the lack of hot water. Disconnected long time ago, absence of hot water doesn’t bother the apartament tenants since they’re too afraid of a mysthical ‘Babay’ (Boogeyman) allegedly killing everyone who dares to fix it. Our protagonist refuses to accept these terms and challenges Babay (Boogeyman) confonting him in his own room. The young poet could’ve given up if not for a beautiful neighbor he falls in love with. Because of her he now has to become a warrior and fight a real war against an illusory enemy.


Director: Vladislav Bakhanovich

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 20:00

Synopsis: Eighth-grader Dima starts a new life. A beautiful girlfriend, grown-up friends, night parties – everything he dreamed about is already starting to come true. It only remains for him to win the fight without rules in the tournament “Meat Grinder” and for this he will have to make a truly adult choice.


Director: Sapir Danan, Ronalee Israel

Country: Israel

Duration: 06:20

Synopsis: This is Millie’s story, the story of a young woman dealing with the pain and loss that have tormented her since the prenatal death of her twin sister. On her birthday, Millie is drawn through her birthday cake into the depths of her memory. This journey exposes her maturation process in the shadow of the lost twin, her feeling towards this lost opportunity brought about by fate, and her contemplations of what could have been.

A fair deal

Director: Garry Savenkov

Country: Germany

Duration: 08:07

Synopsis: After shopping in an antique shop, Jan finds  a flyer that offers him an irresistible offer: ” Time machine for only € 350″. Although Jan knows that it can only be a joke, his curiosity forces him to stop by. Jan does not trust the seller, who nevertheless assures him that the machine works perfectly and can transport it at any time.


Director: Garry Savenkov

Country: Germany

Duration: 09:20

Synopsis: Middle Ages:Hans comes to an job interview for executioners. After a short conversation, he has to prove himself and  demonstrate a sample of work!