Nominees for Best Screenplay 2020


Director: Roger Villarroya

Country: Spain

Duration: 17:20

Synopsis: In Laura’s dreams, a wound demands to be healed, deeper than anything that time and space define and reason explains.


Director: Anthony von Seck

Country: Canada

Duration: 19:45

Synopsis: A truck stop diner, a killer confesses his bizarre experiments to a blogger for the LA Times. An unassuming middle-aged man shares his appetite for twisting fate and playing God. He has polaroids of his ninety-nine victims, by the end of their meal, one of them will be the next.

No Heroes

Director: Kamil Loutfi

Country: Sweden

Duration: 18:30

Synopsis: Taxi driver Daniel picks up his last fare for the night, a boy and his father in a hurry to get to the airport. When the boy starts acting strangely, Daniel begins to suspect that the father isn’t who he claims to be. No Heroes is a film about finding the courage to act, knowing who to trust in a world of conflicting truths and our responsibility towards strangers.

The Culture

Director: Ernst De Geer

Country: Norway

Duration: 25:00

Synopsis: It’s the opening night at the concert house where Arvid works, but when his sister steals the spotlight, his worst sides are revealed.


Director: Julia Trofimova

Screenwriter: James Barron

Country: United States

Duration: 10:38

Synopsis: As part of an experimental therapy, a depressed employee must navigate his office job with a personal narrator who speaks aloud his every thought.


Director: Boulanger Romuald

Country: France

Duration: 24:50

Synopsis: In a Los Angeles radio station. The host of an emblematic night talk show (William Baldwin) gives advice to live callers.   One call will destroy his career, his family, his life …

What If All Colours Were Blue?

Director: Hannah Elbke

Country: Denmark

Duration: 24:45

Synopsis: ‘What If All Colours Were Blue?’ is a sci-fi drama by director Hannah Elbke. The short film is an exploration of what it means to live in a society based on fear, and about following your own beliefs rather than other people’s expectations.  In the grey city of Nordby, where they fear everything blue, lives the hotel receptionist Anne. She dreams of becoming one of The Grey, the city’s protectors. One night Anne sees a blue cat by the hotel. She imminently calls The Grey to the scene, who unsuccessfully starts a mission to catch the cat. Meanwhile, a young and colourful couple, Al & Chris, arrive at the hotel. Their different way of looking at the world and dangers of the blue cat challenges Anne’s faith in The Grey. When the cat suddenly gets caught in a trap near the hotel, Anne has to decide whether she wants to free it and leave the city, or turn it in to The Grey and keep following the city’s strict code.

Black Forest

Director: Jean-Marc E.Roy, Philippe David Gagné

Country: France

Duration: 19:47

Synopsis: Jura, in France. A judge asks for a reconstruction of a crime scene to shed light on all the unresolved questions of a murder. The accused, a family of three Quebecois, have to strictly recreate the crime’s day in front of Justice.


Director: Nir Berger

Country: Israel

Duration: 25:00

Synopsis: A dark romantic comedy in the age of social media. The film features no spoken dialogue, as its protagonist communicates solely through text messages. Adele is an aggressive, self-conscious 17-year-old girl who spends most of her time “trolling” (i.e insulting) her classmates online. When she is hit on by another internet troll, Uri, they flirt until he urges her to send a picture in which she is actually visible. But instead of sending her own picture, Adele sends Uri a picture of a random pretty girl from Syria – sparking another unexpected relationship.

The Monk

Director: Dan Grin

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 19:38

Synopsis: Ekaterina and her husband arrive at the dwelling of a young healer, hoping for a miracle. As she steps into the room, he recognises his lost love. Now they must confront their past.

A fair deal

Director: Garry Savenkov

Country: Germany

Duration: 08:07

Synopsis: After shopping in an antique shop, Jan finds  a flyer that offers him an irresistible offer: ” Time machine for only € 350″. Although Jan knows that it can only be a joke, his curiosity forces him to stop by. Jan does not trust the seller, who nevertheless assures him that the machine works perfectly and can transport it at any time.


Director: Fabien Ara

Country: France

Duration: 13:21

Synopsis: SIMON : ”I want to be a girl, mommy.” Alma freezes. She doesn’t know how to react: from now on, her 8-year-old son wants to dress up like a fairy to go to school. She asks for help from her neighbors. Soon the whole building is debating on Simon’s choice for gender orientation.