Nominees for Best Narrative 2020


Director: Julien Chavaillaz

Country: Switzerland

Duration: 14:54

Synopsis: Baptiste, a lonely outsider, is in love with Mina, the girl from the sex hotline. One day, Baptiste gathers his courage and succeeds in convincing the young woman to accept a rendez-vous at a café in town…


Director: Konstantin Reich

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 20:00

Synopsis: The short film “THE ATTEMPT №4” is a bright comedy of intrigue. With a sudden plot and paradoxical intrigue. The script is based on the play that won the Grand Prix of the International Playwrights Competition “Eurasia-2017”. Egor meets Marina at the bus station. She is visibly older, more experienced and, for some reason, immediately invites the guy to her house. A romantic date is promising some intimacy… But things don’t go as planned from the very doorstep! The denouement of this strange evening will be rapid and sudden for both, the pick-up artist and the viewers. No Egor will be harmed in the end.


Director: Henri Bassil

Country: Lebanon

Duration: 11:17

Synopsis: “The mystery of love is greater then the mystery of death” Oscar Wilde.

What if, just what if, love was not that mysterious after all?


Director: Joan Bentosela

Country: France

Duration: 13:00

Synopsis: As usual, the whole family, Mum, Dad and the kids, is leaving home for the weekend. Everything works fine until Mum decides to wash the car.


Director: Vitaly Shepelev

Screenwriter: Arnaud Gabriel

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 12:22

Synopsis: A three of glamorous characters, trying to get to a fashion show on time, is calling a taxicab with an autopilot navigation. The smart system is choosing the route away from the dangerous districts with criminal gangs. But there is a temptation to make the route shorter, and so the antagonists are in a tight corner: the wind screen is going to break under a head of metal bar and aggressive ragamuffins. What should they do, where to go and whom to call for help? Fortunately, the transport company provides a “spare.”


Director: Peter Ahlén

Country: Denmark

Duration: 29:25

Synopsis: In a dystopian world underneath the ground,  a mysterious boss dictates the rules of the young people living and working here. They each work in a club, taking care of dedicated club members day after day. Carla is responsible for the Aquarium Club where her only friends are the fishes. One day things changes, when Carla suspects there is more to this world than living alone in isolation. When she meet the boy Zac, who is in charge of the Motor Club a whole new world opens; a fascinating world which introduce friendship and love. But Carlas discovery comes with consequences, which may be fatal.

What If All Colours Were Blue?

Director: Hannah Elbke

Country: Denmark

Duration: 24:45

Synopsis: ‘What If All Colours Were Blue?’ is a sci-fi drama by director Hannah Elbke. The short film is an exploration of what it means to live in a society based on fear, and about following your own beliefs rather than other people’s expectations.  In the grey city of Nordby, where they fear everything blue, lives the hotel receptionist Anne. She dreams of becoming one of The Grey, the city’s protectors. One night Anne sees a blue cat by the hotel. She imminently calls The Grey to the scene, who unsuccessfully starts a mission to catch the cat. Meanwhile, a young and colourful couple, Al & Chris, arrive at the hotel. Their different way of looking at the world and dangers of the blue cat challenges Anne’s faith in The Grey. When the cat suddenly gets caught in a trap near the hotel, Anne has to decide whether she wants to free it and leave the city, or turn it in to The Grey and keep following the city’s strict code.


Director: Christophe Saber

Country: France

Duration: 20:00

Synopsis: Three best friends, Jimmy, Samy and Sofi, have the trailblazing idea: to turn a chocolate dispenser into a pot-vending machine. Also, there’s a dog in the film.

The Loved Ones

Director: Oleg Vitvitski

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 21:27

Synopsis: Yekaterina is organizing her mother’s funeral while the rest relatives try to divide possessions of the deceased as soon as possible. Each of them pursues their personal goals but circumstances take a sudden turn.

The Monk

Director: Dan Grin

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 19:38

Synopsis: Ekaterina and her husband arrive at the dwelling of a young healer, hoping for a miracle. As she steps into the room, he recognises his lost love. Now they must confront their past.


Director: Paul Marques Duarte

Country: France

Duration: 24:55

Synopsis: When Adèle, an english teacher, spontaneously lets a young 15 years old migrant, illegaly board a ferry for england with her class, she is far from grasping the importance of her gesture and its consequences on this overnight trip.


Director: Fabien Ara

Country: France

Duration: 13:21

Synopsis: SIMON : ”I want to be a girl, mommy.” Alma freezes. She doesn’t know how to react: from now on, her 8-year-old son wants to dress up like a fairy to go to school. She asks for help from her neighbors. Soon the whole building is debating on Simon’s choice for gender orientation.