Nominees for Best Music Video 2020


Director: Oleg Rakovich

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 07:40

Synopsis: There are always those who are willing to cut off the main part… In 1989, a 16 mm film was shot. Never these shots were not shown. Then the song People was written. Almost 30 years later they met.

Gia Margaret – ‘Birthday’

Director: Matt Gehl

Country: United States

Duration: 04:22

Synopsis: The official music video for Gia Margaret’s ‘Birthday.’ A curiously heartwarming and sweet visual expression of the song’s devastating premise, Gia is haunted by friendly ghosts of a lost love.

Dark like the night. Karenina-2019.

Director: Radda Novikova

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 08:22

Synopsis: Love and betrayal, faith and treason – nothing has changed in our world since ‘Anna Karenina’ by Leo Tolstoy came out. The question is, will a modern character be willing to become a victim of circumstances and the public opinion or will she be struggling for her life? Alexander Tsypkin, an author and script-writer, has his own view of Anna Karenina of modern times, and producer Radda Novikova has created a gloomy but very beautiful world where everybody gets his/her whack of it, the gossip media and so-called friends, the powers that be and the cynical heartthrobs.

Running in Circles

Director: Bianca Cassinelli

Country: United Kingdom

Duration: 05:20

Synopsis: ‘Running in Circles’ is an animated music video for Wax Fang, realised combining cut out images and archive footage in order to visually reflect the surreal imagery evoked by the lyrics.

The music video was produced as part of the final project for the Masters in Postproduction with Visual Effects at the University of York’s Theatre, Film and Television Department.

Geshem – Telephone

Director: Kip (Broken Fingaz)

Country: Israel

Duration: 04:06

Synopsis: This is his first independent animation project – A stop motion music video made for the tel-aviv-based psychedelic band – “Geshem”.


Director: Artyom Ignatyev

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 05:08

Synopsis: This music video is a symbol of inner tension, tension that transforms into a breakout. This story is showed in a simple domestic language, using the visual symbols of society, where domestic violence, or child abuse is not only possible but very popular, even though it is not today’s hot topic. Nowadays you may say, that this violence is partly legalized, because we refer those crimes as administrative and not penal. Common image of the sun (father in this video) that gave life to a young girl, destroys her life. It can be anything that we depend on, that every person depends on individually.


Director: Pierre Ponchant

Country: France

Duration: 05:21

Synopsis: Once upon a time, there was a broke guy who left the earth in a thrift store space suit.  Astronaut is a no budget Space Odyssey, a voyage into the imaginary world of a hero who, night after night, explores the universe seeking for a safe haven.

Sansara – Miami

Director: Ivan Sosnin

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 05:30

Synopsis: This video is about a dream of a young boy. Regardless of extending circumstances, you have to go to your dream. After all, it is not necessary to live in a hot country to surf. In the story, the main character who dreams of surfing quarrels with his mother and leaves home with his surfboard. It’s winter outside. He walks through the snow in an industrial Russia city. In his thoughts, he replaces reality with pictures of sunny Miami. Finally he comes to the coast of the Arctic Ocean and fulfills his dream.

Dolphin – J2000.0

Director: Ivan Sosnin

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 04:33

Synopsis: It is a story about love, which left so little in our world. To revive it, humanity needs the help of an extraterrestrial civilization.  Alien artefacts in the form of space-shaped jewelry are able to return to Earth the sincerity and love described in the song.

Lucky Chops – Traveler

Director: Raman Djafari, Daniel Almagor

Country: Germany

Duration: 03:45

Synopsis: The music video for “Traveler” starts in a small forgotten village, a place that feels like it was left in the attic. It’s a place in stasis, where it’s hot and moist, so that the cloths stick to the body. Everything and everyone is waiting, staring, sinking into the ground. And then there’s a march, a start to an unknown adventure, a daring call by an unheard chant. Both are truths of a shivering dream. Where do they go, the ones that leave? What happens to the ones that stay? For now there’s only the beautiful uncertainty of a choice.