Nominees for Best Film 2020


Director: Philip Escobar Jung

Country: Germany

Duration: 24:14

Synopsis: 1979. Aurora, ein kleines Mädchen, das in den Bayrischen Alpen lebt, macht mit ihrem Vater Valentin einen Ausflug in die Berge, um einen Sternschnuppenregen zu beobachten. Aurora und Valentin machen von dem Ereignis Fotos, die Aurora am nächsten Tag ihrer Mutter Sylvia zeigen will. Doch beim Abstieg passiert etwas Unerwartetes, dass für Auroras innere Welt eine große Herausforderung sein wird…

Miss Barton’s Famous Cakes

Director: Jared Hirsch, Nelson Vicens

Country: United States

Duration: 12:59

Synopsis: A dark comedy disguised as a thriller about a famed baker and the mysterious allure of her cakes.

Over the Wall

Director: Roy Zafrani

Country: Israel

Duration: 12:22

Synopsis: A coincidental meeting between an Israeli boy and a Palestinian boy leads them to discover that reality is different than what they have been told.

The Yellow Jacket

Director: Andreas Mortensen

Country: Sweden

Duration: 29:00

Synopsis: Tova is alone, until she finds herself in a young woman named Agnes through some old home videos. When the videos doesn’t end the way Tova anticipated, she tries to fix it by rearranging the events from Agnes’ life.

Aio Zitelli

Director: Jean-Marie Antonini

Country: France

Duration: 20:00

Synopsis: In the midst of the trench warfare, the Corsican soldier Lucien Casalta is called urgently at the back of the lines by a court of the country as a translator. Upon his arrival, he is surprised to see that the young soldier tried for desertion is none other than his compatriot and friend, Joseph…


Director: Boulanger Romuald

Country: France

Duration: 24:50

Synopsis: In a Los Angeles radio station. The host of an emblematic night talk show (William Baldwin) gives advice to live callers.   One call will destroy his career, his family, his life …


Director: Guy Nattiv

Country: United States

Duration: 20:00

Synopsis: A small supermarket in a blue collar town, a black man smiles at a 10 year old white boy across the checkout aisle. This innocuous moment sends two gangs into a ruthless war that ends with a shocking backlash.

Black Forest

Director: Jean-Marc E.Roy, Philippe David Gagné

Country: France

Duration: 19:47

Synopsis: Jura, in France. A judge asks for a reconstruction of a crime scene to shed light on all the unresolved questions of a murder. The accused, a family of three Quebecois, have to strictly recreate the crime’s day in front of Justice.


Director: Nir Berger

Country: Israel

Duration: 25:00

Synopsis: A dark romantic comedy in the age of social media. The film features no spoken dialogue, as its protagonist communicates solely through text messages. Adele is an aggressive, self-conscious 17-year-old girl who spends most of her time “trolling” (i.e insulting) her classmates online. When she is hit on by another internet troll, Uri, they flirt until he urges her to send a picture in which she is actually visible. But instead of sending her own picture, Adele sends Uri a picture of a random pretty girl from Syria – sparking another unexpected relationship.


Director: Brendan McCallion

Country: Ireland

Duration: 24:00

Synopsis: In the depths of rural Ireland, Tommy has done everything to look after his sick father, succumbing to a life of isolation in the process. However, letting go proves to be more difficult than he had ever imagined.


Director: Charlie Manton

Country: United Kingdom

Duration: 24:41

Synopsis: Traveling to witness the execution of her son’s murder, a mother is torn between retaliation and reconnecting with her estranged daughter.


Director: Hossein Mirzamohammadi

Country: Iran, Islamic Republic of

Duration: 16:07

Synopsis: Akam is a 10 years old Kurdish boy, who lives in a village far from city. On a day of his sister’s wdding , he is told by his father to go beyond the village to bring him some bricks to fix the main pool in village for the wedding ceremony. So, Akam leaves the village and, when he gets back, he faces a disaster. He finds everyone dead exept his mother, who is deaf and, doesn’t have any idea of what happened when Akam was gone.