July 2020 – Moscow Shorts Official Selection


THE GIFT (2020)

Director: Radik Kudoyarov

Country: United Kingdom

Duration: 12:57

Synopsis: Father gives his son an unusual gift for his 10th birthday. It will change the boy’s life forever.


Director: Egor Gavrilin

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 19:55

Synopsis: There’s a new member in the mysterious knitting club for mature men. On his first day he sees that there’s someone who wants to seize power over the club. He decides to bring back justice. The bad guy has already mastered the skill of knitting but our hero has resolve and best intentions. But… are they that good after all?

Three Brothers Two (2020)

Director: Craig Moore

Country: Ireland

Duration: 29:28

Synopsis: The deteriorating relationships of three young people are examined after a loved one dies of a drug overdose. Jack, the older brother of the deceased; Tony, the best friend who bought the drugs that Jack’s brother overdosed on; and Aine, Jack’s girlfriend and Tony’s sister, who is caught between two people that she loves and struggles in her attempts to keep everyone together. Over the course of three months, Jack’s anger grows….     

Split (2020)

Director: Joanna Deja, Łukasz Deja

Country: Poland

Duration: 19:32

Synopsis: Wojtek gets a smart bracelet wristband for his birthday. While using it, he discovers his nighttime activities, which he does not remember. At first, he thinks that the gift is broken. However, strange things start happening in his life. He starts an investigation which ends in a confrontation with himself.  

Burak (2020)

Director: Иван Красный

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 06:24

Synopsis: The wounded Soviet soldier, disillusioned in the military leadership, finds himself in the same hut with a pseudopartizane, who is extorting food from the population. There is a fight between them, the end of which is the appearance of the nkvd agent. The main character remains alone in this situation, with no change in attitude.



Country: France

Duration: 20:00

Synopsis: Archibald was born with some curious curse: he can’t make a move without everyone around doing the same.Now, grown man, he robs by despair a bank and, there, meets Indiana, a young woman who always escaped every form of control.       

ONE (2018)


Country: Spain

Duration: 10:00

Synopsis: Far out at sea, a cell phone floating inside an air-tight bag starts to ring. 

Not Your Average Bear (2020)

Director: Cliff Skelton

Country: Canada

Duration: 14:32

Synopsis: A daring robbery pulled off by the most unlikely of culprits. What an average man will do when pushed to his limits. 

G A B R I E L (2020)

Director: Pierfrancesco Artini

Country: Spain

Duration: 19:58

Synopsis: Agatha is struck by her husband’s death. She feels old and lonely, yet she starts to experience unexpected sexual desires that would lead her to buy the ultimate version of a male sex robot, Gabriel. Will she find happiness?


Director: Maxim Rozhkov

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 14:55

Synopsis: A young athlete has got an accident and loses his leg. To return to the sport he need a good prosthesis, but it costs a lot.Armed with a toy gun he robs lonely passersby, trying to gather up the required amount.Each collision brings new challenges, but he’s still far from his goal.


Director: Tatyana Lyalina

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 14:05

Synopsis: He wanted to go home so badly that he just got up out of his grave and went. But it turns out that his home was now occupied.

BANANA (2020)

Director: Stepan Azarian

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 14:31

Synopsis: Every morning Sasha gets on a shuttle bus and commutes to Moscow for several hours where he works as a promoter in a banana costume at a fruit and vegetable shop. He is often late, so his employer has been threatening to fire him for a long time. In his thirty-seven, Sasha still lives with his mother, whom he cannot find a common language with. His ex-wife wants to deprive him of his parental rights and the opportunity to see his son, whom he has long been unable to communicate with. The overdue loans turn into serious threats from the collector. He seems to live and not feel what is going on around him. But can he make a difference if his life is threatened?

loculus (2020)

Director: amir rooini

Country: Iran, Islamic Republic of

Duration: 13:16

Synopsis: Power is out in the cemetery’s mortuary. The mortaury’s personnel realise that something’s wrong due to the stinking smell.There’s a corpse there, belonging to a 10-year-old boy’s mom,He is going to…

Here lived and worked… (2020)

Director: Aleksey Krasnotcvetov

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 27:27

Synopsis: Sergey, a worker of a small country town, tries to read the epigraph on the memorial board that has been set by his window on the wall of the house he lives in on the third floor. This board out of nowhere brings the spirit of adventure into the settled life of the typical Soviet neighbourhood. The way of achieving the goal turns out to be far more important than the goal itself. That is the story of a small, touching and funny feat.

Superstar (2018)

Director: Gaurav Krishna

Country: Czech Republic

Duration: 17:08

Synopsis: When all her television channels disappear, all is lost for a helpless elderly Czech lady until she finds herself drawn to the only channel working: one that plays films of a South Indian action hero.

Undo (2020)

Director: Morteza Halimi

Country: Australia

Duration: 15:26

Synopsis: Max creates a machine that can undo things. His journey to madness begins when he undoes his own unborn baby by mistake.



Director: Dmitry Suvorov

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 25:00

Synopsis: Nastia is on the verge of adult, family life. But at one moment she begins to doubt whether she wants it.

Birthday Present (2014)

Director: Guy Lichtenstein

Country: Austria

Duration: 25:58

Synopsis: On their last night together, Clara, a young Austrian tourist, and Tomer, an Israeli student, find themselves on the search for the ‘Morning after pill’ through the streets of diversified Jerusalem.It’s his birthday and her last night in Jerusalem when something unexpected happens.


Director: Elena Khimyalyaynen

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 16:15

Synopsis: “The way home” is a reflection film about a human life lost in a series of monotonous everyday life. The character has only one way to hear themselves in this nonsense. Perhaps it is from this step that a human being is commencing, and life becomes meaningful.

My Mom Is (Not) the Best (2020)

Director: Irina Sadchikova

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 13:00

Synopsis: The Mom convinces her daughter to fulfill the will of her dreaming grandmother: to celebrate New Year in family house in October. Will this day be full of hurt or will it fill their hearts with love?

The Next One (2020)

Director: Dominik György

Country: Czech Republic

Duration: 15:00

Synopsis: About men without men.

The Next Stop (2018)

Director: Dominik György

Country: Czech Republic

Duration: 13:00

Synopsis: Mentally disabled driver and tired stewardess traveling with bus on the road of life. How far can they drive? “Dear passengers, fasten your seatbelts.” The affection of a loving mother to fulfill her disabled son’s dream by playing a game that gives him the opportunity to live in the world of fantasy in where he is so happy, also fulfills the goal of surviving and preserving peace in the family. The son has grown but not mentally, so the mother’s play for herself has become a daily struggle and suffering. How long she can keep this long-lasting treatment under control is questionable. Will be The Next Stop their final destination?

Exit (2020)

Director: Ivan Basov

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 20:51

Synopsis: A trio of construction workers discovers an impossible spatial anomaly in the house they’re renovating: a regular closet has turned into a hallway into the darkest unknown. Led by its foreman, who isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, the team decides to brave the anomaly on their own: a choice that spirals the status quo out of control and straight into the realm of the bizarre.

Gone (2019)

Director: William Jackson

Country: Australia

Duration: 15:30

Synopsis: When Detective Natalie Schultz begins investigating the disappearance of 9-month old Olivia Bradbury, she soon discovers the parents are hiding more than they let on.

Jonathan’s Lamentation (2020)

Director: Yehuda Aiache

Country: Israel

Duration: 17:02

Synopsis: Jonathan and David are soul mates both serving in the ISA. Their friendship breaks when Saul, Jonathan’s father who heads the ISA, starts chasing after David for treason.

Star of David (2019)

Director: Nikolay Lobzhanidze

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 08:00

Synopsis: Sofia is living in Russia and she is dreaming to be together one day with her big love – her ex-class mate David from Israel. One day her friends Helen and Kate stole the letter from David from Sofia’s post box because they have heard that David is dead and they don’t want Sofia to know this news.


Director: Oksana Degtyareva

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 20:00

Synopsis: Nina spends her time at her parents’ busy with the preparation for her younger sister’s wedding. Unexpectedly for her, her husband Nikita comes there too. Nina and Nikita have been going through a family relationships crisis. In order not to spoil the event, they try to pretend that everything is OK between them. How will their reluctant mutual vocation end? Will they be able to batter the wall between them down or will this wall get even higher?


Director: Kristina Sidorova

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 30:00

Synopsis: Anya and Oleg finally moved into their own apartment. Oleg got the apartment from his deceased relatives. For him, getting his own house – even if it is uncomfortable and decrepit – is an achievement, a sense of his own fortress, where a young family would happily live. But Anya feels uncomfortable and scary in this apartment. In addition, the nightmares started to agonize her. Anya’s irrational behavior pisses Oleg off while Oleg is frightening Anya more and more – he is the one who pursues her in her dreams.

16/8 (2020)

Director: Sasha Paracels

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 07:00

Synopsis: Chained to a pipe in a dark room, a young woman must fight her way out and discover the dark secret to her imprisonment.

Ole, Benni und der Rest des Universums (2019)

Director: Anna Ludwig

Country: Germany

Duration: 22:53

Synopsis: Oles Freund Benni hat das Down-Syndrom. Doch das hat Ole nie gestört. Bis die große Schwimmfreizeit bevorsteht und die anderen Kinder im Verein nicht wollen, dass Benni mitkommt. Denn jetzt muss Ole sich für eine Seite entscheiden und lernen, zu sich und seinem Freund zu stehen. Dass Ole zum ersten Mal verliebt ist, macht die Sache auch nicht leichter…  That his friend Benni has the Down syndrome, Ole (11) has never disturbed so far. But now – on the threshold of childhood to youth – their friendship is changing. Ole is in love for the first time and suddenly it’s no longer easy to stand by his friend …

Logged out (2020)

Director: Tobiasz Wałkiewicz

Country: Poland

Duration: 12:56

Synopsis: Krzysiek is essentially glued to his smartphone and is constantly online on one of the social portals. However, when his friends keep nagging him about a meeting in a series of messages stacking up on his phone, he uses a cheap excuse and logs out. He now finds himself alone and with nothing to do. As he maunders around his apartment, he notices that his mirror reflection disappeared. Scared, he runs out on the street. Despite his attempts to draw other people’s attention, no one seems to notice him. Everyone is looking at their phones, checking out silly videos, simple games, nonsense texts and a whole load of pictures. Krzysiek starts to give in to the digital world.


Director: Vladimir Feklenko

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 15:57

Synopsis: Russia. 1910 year. Once-famous magician Arseny Vilsky lost his popularity and bears t miserable existence of a wandering circus artist. Gathering the remaining strengths, he prepares to his last performance…

My own sky (2019)

Director: Pavel Palekhin

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 29:55

Synopsis: The story takes place in the nearest future. The main character, Georgiy, spends every night at the lake looking up at flying spacecrafts. One day he decides to spend all the family money and buys a spacecraft. When he finds out that the rocket is out of order and may cost him his life, Georgiy takes a chance and organizes a space journey for his children.

To Be a Goat (2020)

Director: Milda Kargaudaitė

Country: United Kingdom

Duration: 04:01

Synopsis: Three-generation conflict but with more horns. Or how the daughter learns to stop copying her father’s goat-like attitude and begins to think for herself.

Devenir Grand Demain (2020)

Director: Miguel Temme

Country: Germany

Duration: 26:07

Synopsis: Guinea, West-Africa. This short documentary explores the hopes and dreams of the young generation. Strong individuals caught between chances and changes, fleeing and staying. 

The Visitor (2020)

Director: Yves Bernas

Country: Germany

Duration: 15:00

Synopsis: Stan Laurier, a retired judge, is confronted in a dream with a childhood trauma, that of having given up his vocation as a puppeteer under pressure from his father. This triggers a breach in his repression mechanism. The child in him, whom he has betrayed, seeks revenge. 


Fata Morgana (2019)

Director: Daniella Bokor, Leanna Berkovitch

Country: Israel

Duration: 11:04

Synopsis: Three women living life as nomads. Christina travels the world, Anna takes her daughter wherever she goes,  and Rachel has made her home under a branch roof, in a tent and in a cave .  What does each woman pack in her knapsack before she sets out on her own?  The movie confronts the conflict between the stability of motherhood and life at home, and the yearning to wander.


Director: Oksana Timchenko

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 15:05

Synopsis: Sometimes life can only be accepted through death denial. A film about the therapeutic nature of creativity, exploring the extent to which film-making can be a psychotherapeutic practice.  Young people get to know each other on a film course, make a documentary about suicide together in search of an answer to the question why life is worth living, and fall in love with each other. Six months later, the guy commits suicide, and the girl tries to make him the protagonist of the film, editing from the periphery of the footage: the moments and phrases captured by the camera – by accident or as a joke.


My first day in Weimar (2014)

Director: Marina Belikova

Country: Germany

Duration: 01:27

Synopsis: A documentary animation project. Animation and post-production by Marina Belikova, audio and story by Ludwig Müller.

The Mecanorgans (2020)

Director: Libéral Martin

Country: France

Duration: 10:00

Synopsis: Inside an ecosystem strange beings interact. Both organic and mechanical, certains communicate and exchange, some reproduce their biological cycles while others fight for their survival.



Country: Argentina

Duration: 09:00

Synopsis: Ian was born with cerebral palsy. Like all kids, he wants to have friends, but discrimination and bullying keep him from his beloved playground. Ian won’t give up easily, accomplishing something that will surprise everyone.


Director: SJAAK ROOD

Country: Netherlands

Duration: 17:00

Synopsis: A man and a woman drive straight towards one another. They hit the breaks just in time and come to a standstill, facing each other. They’re both too stubborn to give way to the other. A life story begins.


Director: Jerry WANG

Country: Canada

Duration: 06:40

Synopsis: A story about two Gemini brothers’ journey on the earth. The Older brother wants to enjoy the trip himself, but his younger brother always follows him and makes a lot of troubles. 


Waterproof Mind (2009)  

Director: Sofya Mikhaylovskaya

Country: United Kingdom

Duration: 08:00

Synopsis: Waterproof Mind is an experimental drama about the relationship of two people, who together experienced each other under the influence of drugs and have since grown apart. Revolving around their meeting in a café, possibly for the last time, we are confronted with flashback, memory and imagination. The series of highly visual events guides the viewer through the protagonist’s mind and is juxtaposed against the backdrop of the static café and the apparent distance between the characters. Pain, strangeness, love and an exploration of reality, are the predominate themes portrayed in this work.  

Face Me (2020)

Director: Cándida Massielle Asencio

Country: Spain

Duration: 02:31

Synopsis: Our movie is about fighting our demons being on lockdown. How we can find ourselves and try to get out of quarantine refreshed and healthy.


Director: Alexander Soloviev

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 07:56

Synopsis: A romantic screenlife comedy about the versatility of love many-sidedness complexities.

WEAK (2020)

Director: Jiang Rui

Country: China

Duration: 15:00

Synopsis: Two people across the desert lost their way in a sandstorm. One of them suffered from heatstroke, which made it difficult to move, and the drinking water was about to run out. The healthy man said to his heatstroke friend, “wait here, I’ll find water. Here’s a pistol. You take it. There are five bullets in the gun. Remember, in five hours, you shoot at the sky every hour. The sound of the gun will tell me where you are. I can find you smoothly. ” After the break-up, the heatstroke man fell into a coma. Five hours later, he was awakened by the alarm clock. He began to fire his gun. With the sound of each shot, his fear deepened and his confidence in his friend’s rescue gradually lost. He became suspicious. His mental state became worse and worse. He had an illusion. He was on the verge of collapse. It was getting dark. How could he rescue himself.


Konowoulen (2020)

Director: Geoffroy Virgery

Country: France

Duration: 03:58

Synopsis: Two humans try to get out from a infinite desert …

Rigid Tree (2020)

Director: Amit Zoller

Country: Israel

Duration: 03:39

Synopsis: “Rigid Tree” is a metaphor describing the struggles of a person living in a reality that does not allow him to exist according to the dictates of his conscience and his moral standards. He seeks a spiritual and physical home, his past is thrown back at him. “Rigid Tree” leaves a home and a family.  Packed cardboard boxes filled with the content of his life will become a stage during the clip, the porters and the packers of the apartment will also become lighting operators and gaffers in a performance that takes place in the empty apartment. They will project at him his past, his roots, his moral backbone.

Midnight Mind (2019)

Director: Mara Katria

Country: United States

Duration: 05:51

Synopsis: “Hear the rain falling down – streams on the windows. Feel the clouds rolling by – grey against your midnight mind.” These are the opening lyrics to the song and music video for “Midnight Mind.” This piece was composed and performed by filmmaker and musician, Mara Katria (who likewise wrote/directed/edited the film) and features J. Jeff Ungar, with music e-mastered at Real World Studios. While the song itself is essential to the overall production, “Midnight Mind” was envisioned as an authentic story of both sound and vision – a short film which aims to convey the tragedy, struggle, and hope present in our human experience.

In Front (2020)

Director: Oswaldo Colon Ortiz

Country: Puerto Rico

Duration: 04:39

Synopsis: ‘In Front’ – ‘Al Frente’ – is a music/short documentary of a day in the life of Jorge Perez Bras (Father), who fights with a neurological disorder called Autoinmune Encephalitis, and his son, Jorge E. Perez Torres, who is one of his family caretakers. Visually you experience one day with both of them, all that which the father goes through and the daily routines of the son while taking care of him. Sonically we experience the song made by Las Abejas,  lyrics written by Jorge E., which point of view is from a fully conscious father who observes as he reflects and experiences the effects of his condition on his mind and body.

VELLOW – LA (2020)

Director: Filip Bojarski

Country: Not Specified

Duration: 04:34

Synopsis: music video for VELLOW – LA

Forlorn Hope (2020)

Director: Pauline Moreau

Country: France

Duration: 05:12

Synopsis: “Forlorn Hope” sets to music the sad account of a helpless witness to the exponential disasters of his planet. A lament which, through its multiple dimensions: violence, insalubrity, cleavage, utters a desperate cry. If the world is gradually sinking towards its destruction, are we inactive witnesses to an impending climate disaster?