June 2020 – Moscow Shorts Official Selection



Director: Oksana Barkovskaya

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 20:38

Synopsis: A six year old boy diagnosed with autism suffers from a lack of parents love. The only person whom he loves and who understands him is his nanny. Once an unsettling story takes place on a playground – his nanny is arrested. The boy is left alone in a big world that is more than hostile towards him.

The Millennial Condition (2020)  

Director: Michael Welsh

Country: United States

Duration: 15:43

Synopsis: A social commentary on dating in this generation and why self love is so important in a relationship.

The Birdcage (2020)

Director: Alexander Ivanov

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 29:58

Synopsis: Story of the man with Tourette syndrome, the life that’s been stopped from the minute he was born and the choice he took to make it grow like he sees it’s growth.     

The Audition (2019)

Director: Guy Lichtenstein

Country: Austria

Duration: 22:25

Synopsis: Even though she is exceptionally talented, Sarah is still stuck performing at small events. Today she is performing at the wedding of her ex, Jurgen.  The former couple tries to stay out of each other’s way but old memories and sacrifices emerge anyway.  bravely Sarah strokes her bow over the strings, maybe she can finally find closure to the story, while around her a wedding is being celebrated.

TOOTH (2020)

Director: Simon Lyashenko

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 07:58

Synopsis: A young father preparing for the public protest is distracted by his six-year-old son who has loose tooth. While the father is persuading his son to pull it out, the police comes up to their front door.

A Shot in The Dark (2020)  

Director: Guy Starovolsky, Yuval Goor

Country: Israel

Duration: 24:41

Synopsis: Mark Heistings, an estranged detective, loses his job at the police at an early age and starts working alone. One day, he receives a new investigation file that could bring him to prominence, or be his downfall.       

BDSM (2020)

Director: Maksim Vareshko

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 15:19

Synopsis: Vera is a single woman of mature age. On the advice of a friend, she decides to try her luck on a dating site.  There she meets a mysterious stranger, Valentin, who invites her to try BDSM.  Vera reciprocates, not realizing what she agreed to … 

Isolation Restaurant (2020)

Director: Nadia Tass

Country: Australia

Duration: 06:00

Synopsis: During the depths of the Covid-19 quarantine, you’re cordially invited to Pascale’s Trattoria, a charming Italian restaurant nestled in the heart of a suburban living room.  There, you’ll meet Pascale, a slightly deranged gentleman determined to facilitate the success of his restaurant.  While his family barely indulge this isolation induced fantasy, the tipping point might be the clientele of stuffed animals.


Director: Jon Alston

Country: Not Specified

Duration: 14:59

Synopsis: Augustus, a literate escaped slave masquerading as a free man in Massachusetts in 1841, experiences nightmares of his son’s death and a future that resembles the struggles of his own time. Shaken to his core, Augustus realizes the horrors of slavery and racial inequalities will continue if he remains complicit. He’s left with one choice; speak up or lose his freedom.

Pa’lante (2020)

Director: David Van

Country: Czech Republic

Duration: 17:58

Synopsis: Šimon, overwhelmed by a breakup,  will discover after a few months, that his ex-girlfriend has started dating a transsexual. He can’t stand it and whiles he waits for the subway he thinks about a way how to deal with it.

Cover (2019)

Director: Vahid Alvandifar

Country: Iran, Islamic Republic of

Duration: 15:00

Synopsis: Everyone has a reason


Q: ghostly remote effect (2019)

Director: Marcus Hanisch

Country: Germany

Duration: 19:43

Synopsis: In the future. A hi-tech-lab. Scientist P is testing quantum-gynoid Q and sets off on a mission to an undiscovered nature. On the journey she discovers a ghostly remote effect between herself and the robot. Will she maintain in control, when nature starts changing?

normally different (2019)

Director: Clarissa Eysell

Country: Germany

Duration: 18:25

Synopsis: The life of an intellectually gifted child — not an unfamiliar thing for Ludwigsburg’s Wittbrodt family. They have known since first grade that their children Mira (11) and David (13) are gifted. At first glance, this may seem special; but in everyday life, it can be a challenge. Mira is a little perfectionist and knows what she is capable of. Like many gifted children, she is impatient with herself. David’s favorite subject is math, but for all his cognitive prowess, he has trouble socializing. Moreover, the Wittbrodt family has something others do not: their own fictional world, with its own currency, its own laws, and even taxes.


Director: Alexey Medvedev

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 21:00

Synopsis: A fatal accident – hostage-taking in a faraway country – brings together an important diplomat, his unfaithful wife and her lover. To be saved, they need to act together, but is it possible when hatred is stronger than the desire to live, a sense of duty is more important than reputation, and betrayal is higher than love?

Heart Issues (2019)

Director: Guy Lichtenstein

Country: Austria

Duration: 08:25

Synopsis: Sganarell’s tobacco shop makes its business over the disappearance of Doni, a don juan who left so many broken hearts behind. Now Sganarell has to deal with the Drama, as two of these ladies appear in his shop unexpectedly at the same time.

All The Way Towards Lives (2019)

Director: VALEN ZENG

Country: China

Duration: 12:53

Synopsis: This is a documentary about a Taiwan taxi driver Jiang. Through this documentary, the filmmaker wants to show the audience the place where Jiang Ge grew up and lived in, Hualien, Taiwan, so as to show Jiang’s hospitality. At the same time, this is a short film shot on Thanksgiving Day. The filmmaker also hopes to give it to Jiang as a “Friendsgiving(Thanksgiving)” gift.


Waiting for the Sea (2020)

Director: George Itzhak

Country: United States

Duration: 25:10

Synopsis: Can an electronic music festival inspire a creative renaissance in Uzbekistan – and shine an international spotlight on a little-known environmental disaster?

Worth of a Girl (2020)

Director: Steven Ferri

Country: United States

Duration: 27:00

Synopsis: “Worth of A Girl” takes a look at child marriage around the globe, and explores how being a child bride affects girls economically, educationally and emotionally. In a yearlong project, Voice of America interviewed child brides from South and East Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas, including the United States. Their moving stories, told through their own experiences, vividly highlight life with the families they leave and the ones they join. #voaworthofagirl     


Director: Danya Razuvaev

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 08:35

Synopsis: Short movie about the amateur racer, who is going to be the first racer from russia who took part in one of the toughest race in the world.

POETRYofPAYNE 2020 (2020)


Country: Canada

Duration: 16:46

Synopsis: Robert Payne a lonely, broke, homeless street poet living rough in the alleyways of Toronto, Canada, records his existence in poetry hoping for a normal life and becoming Canada’s JP Salinger   Constantly walking going no where he wanders aimlessly as the ravages of street living take their toll on his mental and physical being. An elderly Jamaican Canadian, Augustus Larrow becomes his adopted father helping him to overcome the hardships and put him ‘right’. The cities condo growth overwhelms his ability to find alley shelters.  The new money hungry hipsters have little tolerance toward poverty and  homelessness.  He tries to persevere hoping he’ll achieve a normal lifestyle with subsidized housing…but the long list overwhelms his hopes.. Documented over ten years from 2010 to 2020 the filmmakers drive 5 hours from Ottawa to Toronto frequently never knowing the state of Robert since his health is failing and since his wanderings require constant searching for him – and with cancer overtaking the director not an easy doc. to achieve. PeterEvanchuck with HeleneLacelle


Aim Straight (2020)

Director: Ran Lu

Country: United States

Duration: 01:48

Synopsis: A little hunter boy who only had one leg wanted to hunt with others, however what he got was laughing, mocking, and bias. When he was alone in the forest, a boar came after him and attacked him. However, he ran out of arrows…He finally picked up his pegleg as an arrow and shot the boar. He proved to others even though he was disabled, he still can do good hunting.

Killing Time (2019)

Director: GUILLOT Camille, HAGDAHL SÖREBO Fanny, KRECHMAN Aleksandra, NACIRI Sarah, RAVELONARY Morgane, ZHANG Valentine

Country: France

Duration: 04:47

Synopsis: Loukoum can’t stand the passage of Time anymore. She decides to go face it in person and free herself from its control. But can you really get rid of Time itself?

Shutdown (2019)

Director: Cindy Lartigue, Victoria Durand, Amandine Bouétard, Chloé Gomez

Country: France

Duration: 06:58

Synopsis: At the very heart of a funfair stuck in time, a man goes in search of his loved one. This painful journey between joy caught under the stone and the deafening silence of solitude, will make him face the truth.

Hot Dog (2019)

Director: Flore BURBAN, Logan CAMERON, Nicolas DIAZ, Chloé RAIMONDO, Hugues VALIN

Country: France

Duration: 05:42

Synopsis: Facing the gate of a fancy property under surveillance, a lonely dog falls in love for a female dog sitting on her balcony at the very end of the garden. Determined and charmed, he needs to do everything possible to reach and seduce her.

Final Act (2019)

Director: Miguel Amendola-Borrallo, Clara Obeidi, Yohan Gantelet, Lucie Krencker, Geoffrey Rakotoarisoa, Antonin Géral-Ariès

Country: France

Duration: 07:40

Synopsis: Cheetah’s season has arrived. André and Philip, two pals as valiant as they’re bold, establish the ultimate hunting technique: Infiltrate the feline’s territory disguised as animals.

Leaf (2019)

Director: Aliona BARANOVA

Country: Czech Republic

Duration: 05:40

Synopsis: Huge sailor gets an autumn leaf from a small girl. It reminds him of his home. How long he has not been there? He runs to meet his old parents. What will he find there?

Felt Love (2020)

Director: Angeline Vu, Arlene Bongco

Country: United States

Duration: 06:30

Synopsis: A young boy learns to understand the depth of his mother’s love despite the distance her dedication may create.


Through Mabel’s Eyes (2020)  

Director: Marta Renzi

Country: United States

Duration: 27:30

Synopsis: A woman walks into nature for inspiration … and sees the future.   She takes time to observe the movement of a feather, whitecaps on water, laundry airing outdoors. Through her eyes we also see the world decades later: noisier, more populous, the landscape cluttered with housing and trash. Six individuals are revealed to us in the past, bound by gender and class, then re-visited as their future counterparts in surroundings that mirror the past.  Life goes on as the land changes.  

ELLE/ÉL (2019)


Country: Spain

Duration: 09:00

Synopsis: At the wheel of his red Alpha-Romeo of the 60’s, Él, a Spanish male, sexist and married, picks up Elle, a young French hitchhiker, not as innocent as she seems…

Piz Regolith (2020)

Director: Yannick Mosimann

Country: Switzerland

Duration: 20:00

Synopsis: A postmodern swiss-tyrolean ensemble ventures into remote mountaineous regions, embracing the sonorous variety of local vernaculars. A poetic road movie with stunning shots and an emphatic approach to a new alpine aesthetics.   

Do You Want to Break the Egg? (2019)

Director: 郭柏云 Kuo Po-Yun

Country: Taiwan

Duration: 16:16

Synopsis: If we phrase the flesh or the body we depends on, that make all the contact to the world, as egg white; then how would we be able to form our soul inside, profoundly, to represent the egg yolk?  This is a story, a story of seeking each other, between flesh and soul. We set the casual, insouciant “Duo” as the character, represents the loneliness and helplessness of those without their own will. The introduction of “Su” in reality, represents a mindset, or a psyche, that exist independently; it is helpless, has no flesh to lean on. But as the flesh and soul merge together, does that really form a complete individual? Does that mean it’s going to be the beginning of a fairy tale life? Will it bring up attention to the five elements that support a static living?


Inverted Gloaming (2020)


Country: Chile

Duration: 00:00

Synopsis: For this video clip, TARGET takes the concepts from their latest album Deep Water Flames to bring them to the screen, in an artistic piece that reflects the fight against the tide, in this case represented by the fight for equality of women in this world.

divebomb BLACKPITCH (2020)

Director: Karolina Wyrwal

Country: Germany

Duration: 04:16

Synopsis: DIVEBOMB is the debut track from BLACKPITCH and was the start of the BLACKPITCH launch project. Whereby visual artists were invited to create a video to a BLACKPITCH track to mutually benefit both parties and create a sense to collaboration and collective creativity.  From there the draft for the first video was made and Dancer / Choregrapher Karolina Wyrwal took up the mantle, inviting Videographer and Cameraman Clemens Kahlke and Dancer / Performer Marcin Motyl.  The shoot was made on a freezing cold day in January 2020 at various outdoor locations in Berlin, the second part was filmed in the several degrees warmer location of westudio in Berlin Lichtenberg.

2020 BRUSHSTROKE (2020)

Director: Tsai Hsi Hung

Country: United States

Duration: 04:42

Synopsis: In Taiwan, the dragon is the vital force of life. Yet it is ethereal. Each movement flickers quickly and is gone, transformed into the next. The arms are raised. The body turns, rushing downward and channeling the new phrase. The dancers are currents winding around each other.The choreography engages with this dichotomy and explores the harmony and dissonance epitomized by the dragon and tiger.

Circle of Salt (2019)

Director: Kirill Novikov

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 04:01

Synopsis: An intense, psychological thriller tackling themes of rebellion and police violence, the video tells the tale of an antihero whose troubled personality stems from a suppressed childhood. As he becomes an adult, the protagonist, played by Russian actor Alexander Kuznetsov begins taking the anger out on the people around him.

TSOY IS DEAD! (2020)

Director: Alexander Solovyov

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 05:19

Synopsis: Nine-year old Kim lives in North Korea. Surrounded by a totalitarian regime every day is the same – until the moment when Viktor Tsoy’s rock concert interferes with the usual TV Signal. Kim is shocked by what he sees and becomes obsessed by the rock star, trying to move and dance like him. Kim is not the same person anymore, but will his new personality be accepted by his surroundings?

Fool At The Door (2020)

Director: Oswaldo Colon Ortiz

Country: Puerto Rico

Duration: 03:27

BOKKA – Secret Void (2020)

Director: Radziej, Katarzyna Halina Czeżyk

Country: Poland

Duration: 04:20

Synopsis: Secret Void” is a music video inspired by XIX-century Polish art.  In this idyllic but rudimentary world, we observe a battle fought for liberty and identity inspired by the words of the song. Each of the key scenes begins with frames that are exact representations of the most iconic works of Polish Realism.  This historical period depicted in the set design is slowly infiltrated by 3D effects and extraterrestrial invaders. The video was created by young filmmakers duo debuting in a music video form and crew included both students and high professionals.


Director: Julia Kondratyuk

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 04:46

Synopsis: The story of a guy who, after a stormy night, recalls what was there. He understands how tired of it all is and is trying to escape from it.