November 2019 – Moscow Shorts Official Selection


The Loved Ones (2018)

Director: Oleg Vitvitski

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 21:27

Synopsis: Yekaterina is organizing her mother’s funeral while the rest relatives try to divide possessions of the deceased as soon as possible. Each of them pursues their personal goals but circumstances take a sudden turn.

Wild Garlic (2019)  

Director: Chris Zahariev

Country: Bulgaria

Duration: 24:53

Synopsis: To kill or get killed? That’s the decision Angel have to take. And take it quick. Grown up on the streets in Eastern Europe, Angel now works for a crime organization. When he fails his boss in a money deal, he is given one last chance for redemption. Will Angel commit the murder of a rival drug dealer and what’s going to happen when in his mess he cross roads with an lost elderly woman, who is trying to go back home? “Wild Garlic” is a film about unexpected meetings, which reminds us that somewhere deep down we all have power for a new beginning.

Ironrite (2019)

Director: Clayton Combe

Country: United States

Duration: 09:00

Synopsis: A 1950s housewife struggles to accept her place in the world, while hiding herself and her young son from an aggressive door-to-door salesman.   

Abiura (2018)

Director: Giovanni B. Algieri

Country: Italy

Duration: 08:47

Synopsis: Fofo, an humble and honest retired worker, picks up strange people on his van and drives them to the polling station.

COMET (2018)

Director: Giorgio Messina, Stefania Simoni

Country: Italy

Duration: 15:41

Synopsis: Max finds a message in a bottle that will change his life drastically and unexpectedly.

𝗕𝗟𝗨𝗘 𝗠𝗔𝗧𝗧𝗘𝗥 (dir. by Andrea Gatopoulos) (2019)  

Director: Andrea Gatopoulos

Country: Italy

Duration: 14:59

Synopsis: It’s a sunny summer day. Mickey is sick with the worst disease. He chooses Flo, an old friend, for a trip in his hippie van to forget about everything just for one night. 

The Hen Man (2019)

Director: Thiebault Guérin

Country: France

Duration: 14:35

Synopsis: John has the feeling that he belongs to the poultry world and meticulously crafts himself a hen costume. Marginalised by society but supported by his loving sister he remains true to his vision.

Festival Of The Midnight Sun (2019)

Director: Björn Rallare, Niklas Mertel Ekelund, Peder Carlsson

Country: Sweden

Duration: 08:45

Synopsis: Two filmmakers wants to make a movie, but what story to choose? One of them pitch the idea of that true story about what was supposed to be Sweden’s answer to Woodstock, set at a motorway in the Swedish countryside back in 1970. They expected 300.000 people, but only 3.000 showed up and a plethora of weirdness took place around what has been described as “Sweden’s biggest music failure”.  As this story unfolds over a phone conversation, we see what the movie would have looked like, it they were to pick that idea. But will they? To begin with they don’t even have time for this, and actually, real life is even more hard to puzzle than this short show in its documentary parts.  A short that ends in the beginning, with long time Swedish actor Bert-Åke Varg in one of the roles, Swedish writer and columnist Fredrik Strage and Swedish band Hellsingland Underground as Canned Heat.  Weird doesn’t end here, while working on this short, getting no funds having to fund it themselves and using crowdfunding, the creators came in contact with a person that said “Hey, let’s breathe some life in to this festival…” and the festival returned, gloriously, in August 2019.  This short is a slice of a full length script, where more ideas with various themes are pitched back and forth, with a longer short baked into it – the short they finally decide to make. That long script can however also be broken down in to more shorts.


Director: Thomas John

Country: India

Duration: 24:00

Synopsis: It’s a story of two young sisters who are on a mission to get back to the city they love. Their father gets a job in a small town and moves the base from Mumbai city to a small hill town. A sudden change of lifestyle from fast and interesting city life, to a slow and simple small-town life, gets to them. After a year and a series of events, they finally confront their father for good and demand that they are taken back to their city life. The father tries to explain that life has rules and he cannot just leave his job and move to a city which has an expensive lifestyle. To this, the girls take upon themselves to find ways to get back to Mumbai city without their father’s help and move out of the small town they’re trapped in, which by now has become their enemy NO.1

On the web (2019)

Director: Pavel Goncharov

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 15:16

Love me (2019)


Country: Greece

Duration: 26:00

Once in Purple Dungarees (2019)

Director: Benjamin Kramme

Country: Germany

Duration: 13:14

Synopsis: Three women. Three generations. One political conflict.  While visiting her grandmother, Johanna meets her mother coincidentally, who broke off contact with her, and a major dispute breaks out.


Director: Alexander Solovyov

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 05:17

Synopsis: Praskovya continues working in the Bank despite hunger in the freezing siege of Leningrad. Her husband went to war. The only thing he left is the ink pot. This gift is the onlyitem which makes Praskovya feel warm. In the most critical moment when no hopes or energy is left only the ink pot acts as a twist of destiny.

Staying with Penny (2018)

Director: Carolyn Dekkers

Country: New Zealand

Duration: 15:58

Synopsis: STAYING WITH PENNY: A SINKING SHIP OR A STEP UP TO SHORE?  For some people life can be like walking a tightrope. They’re just one step away from everything to come crashing down. Penny understands this and has built her world around the needs of the more vulnerable. ‘Staying with Penny’ follows Sam into this volatile dynamic, as he’s forced to choose between taking the safe road or finding the courage to ride the chaos he’s found himself in.

Once Upon A Time In…Sai Wan (2019)

Director: Nate Ki

Country: Hong Kong

Duration: 22:24

Synopsis: In 1989, there were rumors saying money became joss papers when a delivery guy returned to his restaurant after delivering food order to Room 4E of Sau Lai Building which was to be disassembled. Such rumors horrified restaurant staff members nearby as they all afraid that they would receive call from the ghost someday.  Shui, who was a staff member from Chiu Fat Restaurant, however, manipulated people’s superstition, claiming that he received order from the ghost. He stole all the money after delivering food orders while replacing the money with joss papers. His boss and colleagues were shocked as they had never thought that their restaurant was chosen and cursed!  Shui found that his trick succeed and thus decided to cheat money using the same tactics again and again…

Happy Birthday (2019)

Director: Kevin McAuliffe

Country: United States

Duration: 08:22

Synopsis: We jump in to the thoughts and feelings of a group of friends at a surprise party.

Liberation (2019)

Director: Karim Imamiev

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 19:41

Synopsis: The action takes place in the near future. A man returns home from the war, where he is overcome by heavy memories of the past. After unsuccessful attempts to return to normal life, the past catches up with him.


Director: Rudrajit Roy

Country: India

Duration: 21:22

Synopsis: CHASING MY DREAM,is an inspirational short film about a doctor in his late 30’s who breaks free from his daily life to explore the nature .Its about fulfilling his dream to travel,and explore the mother nature,adjusting from the fast life which he leads in a busy city from India .The film will serve as an example of inspiration and also give few social message.

Touch (2019)

Director: Nir Berger

Country: Israel

Duration: 25:00

Synopsis: A dark romantic comedy in the age of social media. The film features no spoken dialogue, as its protagonist communicates solely through text messages. Adele is an aggressive, self-conscious 17-year-old girl who spends most of her time “trolling” (i.e insulting) her classmates online. When she is hit on by another internet troll, Uri, they flirt until he urges her to send a picture in which she is actually visible. But instead of sending her own picture, Adele sends Uri a picture of a random pretty girl from Syria – sparking another unexpected relationship.  

Never (2019)

Director: Mohammad Ali Husainy

Country: United Kingdom

Duration: 10:22

Sunset Idol (2019)

Director: Gautier Babe

Country: France

Duration: 07:19

Synopsis: During a funeral wake, a young boy questions his grand father’s passing.

After Anyuta (2019)

Director: Clemy Clarke

Country: United Kingdom

Duration: 10:00

Synopsis: London, 2019. Anyuta spends the day posing as a life model for both her lover, medical student Steven, and neighboring artist Ferris. A meditation on toxic relationships and agency inspired by Anton Chekhov’s short story Anyuta (1886).

National Boomerang (2019)

Director: Gaïa Rasnova

Country: France

Duration: 19:04

Synopsis: “National Boomerang” retraces the wanderings of Loba, a lonely teenage girl, against a backdrop of urban, country and industrial landscapes.

Charcoal (2019)

Director: Miguel Góes

Country: Not Specified

Duration: 14:41

Synopsis: A story about a man, doorman of a village of houses, haunted by an irresistible obsession. Quiet, averse to intimacy, he draws with charcoal all the people who pass by his cabin. He draws for him self, until a woman discovers.

Shell Shock (2019)

Director: Thushara Ramanayake

Country: Sri Lanka

Duration: 14:55

Synopsis: It is the post-war era. An expressway construction project. A man working as Flag Man (Budde). He is a Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) patient. He has a 6-year-old daughter.  Budde is not a fanatic of the Crows club; therefore, its behavior is a challenge to him. He tries to live in the problem by lighting fire crackers without looking for an alternative. (Budde, is fond of inhaling gun powder and the sound of gun fire)  The doctor who is desiring to save Budde is explaining to him, the theory of “Finding a crow feather”.  Budde goes to the dumping ground in search of a crow feather. He finds a crow instead of a feather. (he cannot kill the crow for feathers.) He, lives with his daughter and the crow under one roof. However, she tries to save the crow from her father’s cruelty.  Throws fire crackers at the crow. Her fingers get fractured and she becomes handicapped. One day the crow which flies away from the man giving up all bonds and takes away the life of the little girl.

Double Blind (2019)

Director: Pieter du Plessis

Country: United States

Duration: 06:43

Synopsis: Keith enters a poker game without understanding the stakes and finds himself trapped in a life and death situation of a hatred triangle.

Forgive me (2019)

Director: Gustavo Adolfo Contreras Barranco

Country: Colombia

Duration: 12:20

Synopsis: Renowned medical doctor Julián Mosquera is also known for being unfaithful to his wife Diana. Tired of her lies, she decides on her own to follow him covertly in order to catch him with her lover and put an end to his stormy deception; but like all plans, they are not perfect.


Pardon (2019)

Director: Rositsa Trayanova

Country: France

Duration: 12:10

Synopsis: After the three times that Thais tried to kill herself, she ends up at the rehabilitation center where she meets Roxan. Young singer, who is seeking treatment for her drug addiction. They get close very quick after spending little time together behind the doctors back. During a secret beach walk, a day before they release Thais, Roxan makes a present. Small player with a record of her last song.  On other hand, Thais tells Roxan all the reasons why she wanted to end her life. Roxan is asking Thais to forgive, because “if we do not forgive we will never forget the pain.” And the pains stay, especially if you cannot forgive to yourself. A random meeting with the love of your life. A young singer who makes you see the life from another side of view. Who teach you that forgiving is the way to forget.

A Trip with Mom (2019)

Director: Sophie SHUI

Country: Taiwan

Duration: 25:00

Synopsis: In order to take care of his old mother (played by Liou, Yiin-Shang), who has lost her intelligence and is disabled, Xia Changming (played by Yi-Wen CHEN) remains unemployed at home.   A family of four, who have been relying on the wife Xiaoling (played by CHIN, TZU-YEN), who is an insurance salesperson, for many years.   Under the multiple pressures of the complaints from her wife, economic loading, long-term care, and physical and mental bundling, Changming is always depressed and feels hopeless and helpless.   Finally, when the police brought the mother back, and his wife took his son away, after receiving a call, Changming mark  the late summer with a red pen. He decided to take his mother to travel…

DROWNED (2019)

Director: Daria Kocherova

Country: United Kingdom

Duration: 15:00

Synopsis: A father fakes his own drowning in a desperate attempt to force his estranged, high-flying daughter and layabout son to visit his Italian home and become friends again.

Bambiland (2019)

Director: Danilo Stanimirović

Country: Serbia

Duration: 19:59

Synopsis: Strahinja has just finished acting school and he works as a clown in a kid’s playhouse. Bambiland is a big amusement park in his home town which was open when he was a child. Now, it is an abandoned, creepy place and as such it represents a metaphor for Strahinja’s generation in Serbia.

Caninity (2019)

Director: Chuang-Chieh Liao

Country: Taiwan

Duration: 25:04

Synopsis: When a young Taiwanese man visits a remote Escort Karaoke for the first time, he begins to understand the complexity of desire and exploitation.

Recharge (2019)

Director: Michal Hytroś

Country: Poland

Duration: 17:22

Synopsis: It’s a sci-fi movie which concentrate mostly on human beings and their loneliness in the future world. The world where people become androids.  She (name unknown) sinks into this unbearable silence, far away from the external world, locked in her unconquered house-fortress. We do not know who she is, do not know why she m’de the decisions that got her to the current place – place that is surrounded by emptiness. 

Meatgrinder (2019)

Director: Vladislav Bakhanovich

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 20:00

Synopsis: Eighth-grader Dima starts a new life. A beautiful girlfriend, grown-up friends, night parties – everything he dreamed about is already starting to come true. It only remains for him to win the fight without rules in the tournament “Meat Grinder” and for this he will have to make a truly adult choice.

Postludium (2019)

Director: Svend Colding

Country: Denmark

Duration: 19:26

Synopsis: Joachim has come to take care of his self-destructive and suicidal father Ulrich, who lives on the countryside. They have not spoken nor seen each other for several years. It’s a story about family and betrayal. They will both have to let go of their failure, shame and guilt to move on, even though the outcome might be hard.

Sooner or Later (2019)

Director: Gadi Rimer

Country: Israel

Duration: 18:25

Synopsis: Adam’s longing to his ex-girlfriend, Alona, leads him to break into her new house. When she discovers him there, they are forced to deal with the pain caused by their separation.

One thing at a time (2019)

Director: Niels Beth

Country: Netherlands

Duration: 25:21

Synopsis: The Judith van Swethuis is a residential facility for people with a long psychiatric history. They don’t get, nor want, treatment anymore. Caretakers Tanja Kroeze and Jeffrey Duffels try to give fragile people as much independency as possible. Will they be able to give meaning to the life of this vulnerable group?

AZAN (2019)

Director: Georgia Marangouli

Country: Greece

Duration: 23:00

Synopsis: Angelos, an eighteen year old soldier, disappears the night before at the Greek-Turkish borders. After his mother travels up there in a desperate mood and everybody denies information about him, she sets on a quest at the actual borders. The meeting with a woman from Syria would help her to understand what happened the night her son disappeared.


Director: Natalia Matrokhina

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 09:20

Synopsis: A girl is looking for a hamster free a to a good home. You are responsible for what you have tamed.

Russian roulette (2018)

Director: Alexey Fedorov

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 26:36

Synopsis: “He who kennels with wolves must howl with the wolves.” – vital position Seryoga. We judge people by their appearance, but often we don’t know what is inside the person. Serega was on the verge, he was ready to pull the trigger. But at the last moment in his life comes Vlad – a new boyfriend of his ex-girlfriend. Can this meeting change Serega’s decision?

The Eighth (2019)

Director: Siyun Liu

Country: China

Duration: 11:14

Synopsis: Taking place in a small county hospital in China the 2000s, Juan is being forced into her eighth abortion by her family, because she repeatedly doesn’t get pregnant with a boy. Despite being told that the surgery could be dangerous to Juan’s health, she is forced to go through with it, with her 6-year-old daughter watching.


65 Roses (2019)

Director: Murat Zherka

Country: Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Duration: 16:03

Synopsis: The documentary follows the story of a 14 year old from Prishtina, Yllka Leti, who suffers from cystic fibrosis. Yllka has a great talent for art, especially for paintings. This documentary shows her day-to-day life, the obstacles that she has to ovrecome and the battle that she fights as a 14 yearold for her life. 


Director: Sirio Sechi

Country: Italy

Duration: 25:00

Synopsis: This film about caving is not meant for cavers. It was made for all those people who stay outside and ask questions such as: ” how can you breath? “don’t you feel afraid of being trapped there?” “But..what do you do in there?” The speleology films often talk about the caves: the discovery of a cave, the unblocking of a cave, the conjunction of a cave, the mysteries of that cave, the peculiarities of that cave, etc … But they rarely talk about speleologists, who are these strange people who live unlike the others?

Thanks For Watching (2019)

Director: LEE Chien-cheng

Country: Taiwan

Duration: 14:48

Synopsis: “Zhongsen Theatre” opened in 1968. At that time, the theaters competed with each other. The Zhongsen Theatre still managed its own characteristics in many theaters. However, after 2000, the old city was down, and it was closed to the changes of the times. The company was closed down and idle. As the old city began to recover, the theaters also changed hands, but most of them did not present the cinema, and the Zhongsen Theatre was sold to the construction company in 2016. The film records the demolition of the old theater and the rescue of two antique projectors, hoping to find a more suitable place for them to preserve and continue the spirit of the times. After the demolition is completed, the site is intended to be used as a new residential construction site. 

A better world (2019)

Director: Geraldine Ottier

Country: Italy

Duration: 09:20

Synopsis: A better world is a docu-short film that tells the point of view of Giulia, an 11-year-old girl who lives in a society where the telephone, the social media are at the center of her days, and of which use she can’t be without because, otherwise, she would be seen as different. Unknowingly in a conversation, Giulia makes a comparison with the society of the 90s, in which children had no telephone and played with each other, having human contacts and direct communications. A wish expressed unconsciously that will be fulfilled, in fact Giulia will jump back in time in the 90s. Giulia is an 11 year old girl who just wants to be a child.


Director: Phil Comeau

Country: Canada

Duration: 26:00

Synopsis: A group of Acadians from Belle-Ile-en-Mer, France, travel to eastern Canada to visit their “cousins” with whom they share a common history. They are descendants of the deported Acadians by the British from their Nova Scotia homeland. They come to see their ancestors’ lost “Acadie” and meet other relatives at a World Acadian Congress. Face to face with their brutal history, will they be able to forgive? This film is about exile, the power of memory and finding your roots.   

Manifesting Greatness. A True Story by Raz Degan (2019)

Director: Raz Degan

Country: Italy

Duration: 04:30

Synopsis: The hero film piece is a collection of short docu clips that connects audiences to the Jägermeister MANIFEST brand through authentic storytelling. Our protagonist Raz Degan shares his personal life story while taking viewers on an exciting journey through space and time.

miserere, the blessing of the mountain (2020)

Director: Michel Pavlou

Country: Norway

Duration: 10:27

Synopsis: Still today, a long-lasting procession, in honour of Saint Panteleymon, leads, once a year across the mountain, to a cave, where squirts, it is said, by the cracks of the rock, a holy water. Sliding between the ancestral mannerism of the faithful, the centuries-old olive trees, the abandoned houses and the elderly byzantine icons, the camera  spreads thus out layers of a millennial history.

20 Liters (2019)

Director: Andy Seiler and Aaron Thomas

Country: United States

Duration: 14:24

Synopsis: “There is no joy without water.”  Set in Kenya, 20 Liters is an experiential short documentary that gives you insight into what it’s like living with the Samburu tribe. Experience what it’s like with only 20 liters of water a day and the life surrounding the search for water.


Gym & Goolie (2019)

Director: Tović

Country: Australia

Duration: 05:29

Synopsis: When alone, Gym and Goolie escape into the worlds of their own imaginations. Gym creates fan-work for an online community and Goolie crafts fantastical costumes. Both long to be someone else, somewhere else, yet struggle with the fear of connection and the anxieties of self-expression.

Urbanality (2019)

Director: Evan McInnes

Country: Australia

Duration: 03:28

Synopsis: The city folk are about to get a wake-up call. But, will they stop and listen?   “Urbanality” explores the isolation of our modern environment, the resistance we have to change, and the beauty of going with the flow.

Trap (2018)

Director: Paul James

Country: New Zealand

Duration: 12:00

Synopsis: A young girl fights for a sense of belonging.

Smell of Sound (2019)

Director: Carol-Ann Belzil-Normand

Country: Canada

Duration: 02:34

Synopsis: Smell of Sound is an animated film combining sounds, smells and moving images. Abstract forms produced with computer-generated images is animate in an intimate sound space.


Director: Pouya Afshar

Country: United States

Duration: 04:24

Synopsis: ‘LA DOLCE VITA’ is the story of a displaced character. Hope, decides to leave his/her war infested city to find a better life abroad. He/She goes on a journey in hoping for finding a purpose in life in the new world but encounters a wall along the way.

The Elephant of Air (2015)

Director: Alexey Galkin

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 13:22

Synopsis: In every family there is a place for a great adventure, and our characters are no exception to the rule. Together they find themselves in a parallel fantasy world inhabited by flying hippos and other fantasies.

Horizon leap (2019)

Director: Beata Pantya

Country: Hungary

Duration: 02:40

Synopsis: We attune to the Forest’s organic rhythm as moving through her roots and branches. The trees come to subtle motion, their pulse paces and we become capable of leaping the horizon’s frontier. A soul’s journey through the Forest towards the stars.

Magic Dream (2019)

Director: Tomás Welss

Country: Chile

Duration: 11:08

Synopsis: “Magic Dream” is a painted stop-motion full animation film that tells the story of a magician on stage trying to perform his show. As his magic goes wrong, he loses control and gets weak. The wizard timidly reintegrates to the set and tries to extract a rabbit from his hat. The rabbit rejects the magician and his environment. As he keeps crumbling down, the rabbit offers him help, to deal with the misleading and confusing magic and to confront his life.


Ghost Nursery (2019)  

Director: Brandon Wilson

Country: United States

Duration: 06:46

Synopsis: A ghost is born in the forest. No longer tangled in a mass of spirits it gains strength as it turns to observe its surroundings, reveling in its mastery over death and time.

STuK (2019)

Director: Nadira Murray

Country: United Kingdom

Duration: 08:07

Synopsis: LOGLINE:   Angela’s mind explodes with horror when she is trapped in the bathroom of a night club.   SYNOPSIS:   Troubled teen Angela enters the toilet to refresh herself.  She feels odd. She hears a sudden gunshot  and screams – “the night club is under attack”. Angela fears for her life; or is her mind playing tricks?

At the Time (2019)

Director: Nathan Johnson

Country: United States

Duration: 10:00

Synopsis: “At the Time” follows an individual’s relationship with addiction and the internal struggle that is yoked with that relationship. It is inspired by a loved one’s personal story of what they had experienced, at the time when they were at their deepest struggle.

See my ghost passing away (2019)

Director: Yann PICHOT

Country: France

Duration: 11:40

Synopsis: Between dreams and nightmares, Lilith sees the ghost of her lost love.

An Exploration of the Dreamworld (2019)

Director: Paulina MacNeil

Country: United States

Duration: 06:28


Sansara – Miami (2019)

Director: Ivan Sosnin

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 05:30

Synopsis: This video is about a dream of a young boy. Regardless of extending circumstances, you have to go to your dream. After all, it is not necessary to live in a hot country to surf. In the story, the main character who dreams of surfing quarrels with his mother and leaves home with his surfboard. It’s winter outside. He walks through the snow in an industrial Russia city. In his thoughts, he replaces reality with pictures of sunny Miami. Finally he comes to the coast of the Arctic Ocean and fulfills his dream.

Music clip “DUDKI” (2019)

Director: Gulzhan Sitakhmetova

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 03:40

Synopsis: Mad flight without time and space, where the reality, dreams, fears, and memories are intertwined with each other. Look beyond mindlessly!

Sophisticated (2019)

Director: Daniel Duguay, Adam Benish

Country: Canada

Duration: 05:21

Synopsis: Official video for “Sophisticated”, the title track from Paul Cafcae’s 2019 debut LP.

AURA (2019)

Director: Łukasz Zabłocki

Country: Poland

Duration: 04:25

Synopsis: A visual interpretation of an euphoric state of mind, occurring while in a presence of an exceptional personality or a flawless beauty. 

Azhar’s Aria (2019)

Director: Madina Altynbayeva

Country: Kazakhstan

Duration: 04:28

Synopsis: Zarina Altynbayeva performs “Azhar’s Aria” from the opera “Abai”.   This is a story of of pure eternal but forbidden love between Azhar and Aidar. Despite all of the obstacles they faced, with Abai’s help they seemed to stand a chance. This story is from Azhar’s perspective.

Puppet (2019)

Director: Alexej Sigalov

Country: Austria

Duration: 05:28

Synopsis: Everybody is dependent. You, me. Especially me. People don’t speak to each other nowdays, they stare to their gadgets, thinking they’re online. The fact is – they’re offline.

Lone in the Dark (2019)

Director: Tomasz Chrapusta

Country: Poland

Duration: 03:19

Synopsis: Lone in the Dark – first fictional beatbox video in world. What happens when two creative forces meet? When extreme emotions are given voice and indomitable passion prevails over the complicated matter? Time is in the void, scattered over the past, the present and the future. Sense of place is of no consequence, it’s merely a pretext to show the real and lasting solitude of a man. There is however light in darkness, which shelters from fear. Two opposed forces fight each other, none wins over the other. Good and evil, light and darkness, life and death. All come together in Lone in the Dark.

The Sun Will Fool You (2019)

Director: Daniel Bigelow & Talon Nightshade

Country: United States

Duration: 04:42

Synopsis: Our sun has a surprise for you…his blinding bright light doesn’t always come with warmth. In “The Sun Will Fool You” a young girl grows up reaching out for him and finding him cold.

Fool For Your Love (2019)

Director: Odeya Rush

Country: United States

Duration: 04:35

Synopsis: Fool For Your Love is a journey into the imagination of a young boy named Scooter.


Director: Vladislav Parovozov

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 02:56

Synopsis: Synthetic romance of artificial space, collected from pieces of photographs, clippings of Soviet Newspapers and fragments of images.  Mixed media (collage / graphics/stop-motion)

Taki Pooost (2019)

Director: Tomasz Chrapusta

Country: Poland

Duration: 05:08

Synopsis: As if by magic, “Taki Pooost” takes us to the colorful 90s, which today are experiencing a real renaissance of popularity. The current trends in fashion and culture are also there, with Instagram at the forefront, which in the clip functions as an ultimate symbol of contemporary lifestyle. What would Instagram look like in the 90s? A seductive visual and textual answer to this question awaits in this music video.  In a world ruled by likes, stories, followers and hashtags, where there is little room for intellectual debate – alas, they’ve arrived: the most popular instagrammers in Poland! The stylized The Insta Of Queen knows exactly what and when to wear, which profile is better and what light seems best for each photo to make her look slimmer and more athletic. For Sexy Polish Girl, what counts most is clothes and murderous competition for perfect shots, even if she was to pose in the same position from dusk till dawn. This unreal world is thoroughly observed and analyzed by Lame Duck, who dreams that one day she will also become popular. At least for these 600 likes. Even for a moment.