October 2019 – Moscow Shorts Official Selection


Potrero-Chapultepec (2019)

Director: Jorge Lan

Country: Mexico

Duration: 05:30

Synopsis: The every-day tragedy that covers Mexico City comes to light in the long commute where a driver takes a blind street vendor to his destination.

Moth (2019)  

Director: Allyn Quigley

Country: Ireland

Duration: 14:00

Synopsis: A taxi driver returns to work after the death of his daughter, only to come across the young boy who may be responsible.

worth  (2019)

Director: Alejandra Jenni

Country: Switzerland

Duration: 12:02

Synopsis: Two young women in their bathrooms: one of them misses her period, the other one struggles with it. worth is an honest, bleeding and intimate search for the individual and social value of the period.   

Maternity Ward (2019)

Director: Anna Dezhurko

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 24:00

Synopsis: What should a young mother do having her child born with the birth complications? Is an answer as obvious as it seems to be, and do we have a right to judge her depending on whatever option she takes?

Dead seasons (2019)

Director: Pietro Porporati

Country: Italy

Duration: 20:00

Synopsis: Mother and daughter, two worlds apart trapped in a rotten house, in a life’s parody.

Social (2019)  

Director: Eneko Botana

Country: Spain

Duration: 11:07

Synopsis: Tinder is in love with Facebook and has decided to profess her love for him, but an unexpected  attack complicates her plans. Social networks are in danger.

The Necklace (2019)

Director: Tong Shengyuan

Country: China

Duration: 10:32

Synopsis: A hotel manager’s 10-year-old girl Jiajia wants to help her only friend Chun, who is a room attendant in the hotel, but she finds it is not as simple as she thinks.

Love.Me (2019)

Director: Nicola Schito

Country: Italy

Duration: 18:07

Synopsis: “Love.Me – (Mi.Ami)” tells of “Anzi Love”, an alien experiment that through the protagonist “Harumi”, wants to comprehend what Love between a man and a woman is. Harumi is subjected to many forms of violence, mistaking them as proofs of Love. The consequence is the research of violence to feel beloved. The experiment “Anzi Love” deduces what Love is not.

In Brief (2019)

Director: Carlo Perassi

Country: Italy

Duration: 06:32

Synopsis: In Brief starts from Post-history, by narrating scientific facts, like a documentary, regarding an enormous timespan in the Universe’s far future, whilst developing a silent drama around the heart of being human. 

ants (2019)

Director: shaghayegh majidi

Country: Iran, Islamic Republic of Iran

Duration: 08:36

The Nun’s Kaddish (2019)

Director: Luis ismael

Country: Portugal

Duration: 06:37

Synopsis: A heart-warming vignette that portrays a true story of inter-religious kindness when a Nun observes a Jewish ritual.

Acquaintance (2018)

Director: Ivan Smirnov

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 03:14

Synopsis: This is the story of an unexpected meeting of two young people in a night tram. Late time, empty cabin and deserted streets outside evoke a romantic atmosphere. However, even the most spontaneous acquaintance may become fatal, since the first impression of a newly companion is deceiving…

Tina & Sendy (2018)

Director: Hani Domazet

Country: Croatia

Duration: 17:11

Synopsis: A journey through one day and one night. One porn audition, two girls and the big force that will put that female friendship on test.


Director: Nejc Miljak

Country: United Kingdom

Duration: 02:48

Synopsis: Lost in oblivion is an extraordinary story about a man who was once told he had nothing to live for. Now an accidental addict, he fights a not so sober fight for his life and sanity.

Forgive me (2019)

Director: Cucho L. Capilla

Country: Spain

Duration: 02:38

Synopsis: A girl comes home to apologize to her mother for the news she is yet to receive. (English, French, Italian Subtitle) Ask me for files .Srt

Death of an Impostor, Enigma of the Siberian Dream (2019)

Director: Edo Muric

Country: Austria

Duration: 24:50

Synopsis: At the end of the Second World War, a nameless Russian soldier, captured at Saratov, is claiming to be one of the lost Romanovs. Soon he escapes from the German captivity, in an attempt to reach his home in Siberian Krasnoyarsk. Wounded, he starts his journey through freezing Russian landscape.

Being More Like Bagsy (2018)

Director: Mikkel Storm Glomstein

Country: Norway

Duration: 16:00

Synopsis: An unemployed woman feels she doesn’t have any function for the people around her. Ann unexpected encounter with the Waste Disposal Agency seems to offer her a way to be useful again.

Giveaway (2018)

Director: Kimmo Leed

Country: Finland

Duration: 14:10

Synopsis: Siblings living in a small town abduct a man and take him to a summer cottage by a lake. Is it revenge or is there something else going on? This action initiates the story which progresses between two parallel timelines. The secret is slowly revealed. Giveaway is based on Maritta Lintunen’s short story published in 2016.

Aurore (2017)

Director: Mael Le Mée

Country: France

Duration: 17:48

Synopsis: Aurore, a sixteen years teenage girl, discovers her body with her friends… With a supernatural finger.

Chose mentale

Director: William LABOURY

Country: France

Duration: 20:00

Synopsis: Ever since she became electro-sensitive, Ema lived isolated in her home, cut from the world. Her only link with the outside is mental, through her out-of-body experiences. But one day, two boys break into her house, thinking that they were burgling an empty house. This meeting will throw Ema into her fears and shake her certainties.

Atomic Spot

Director: Stephanie Cabdevila

Country: France

Duration: 15:00

Synopsis: Left for dead after the A307 plane crash on their nuclear plant, the workers of a small coastal city have undergone a series of mutations. They formed a small amphibious community among the radioactive ruins. But they failed to reproduce their species. The last survivor, Cotis, is crushed by loneliness… Until a group of dumb surfers lands on the beach.


Director: Just Philippot

Country: France

Duration: 18:00

Synopsis: A disturbing cloud takes shape somewhere in the west. It slowly goes toward the center of the country, throwing the population on the roads. In view of the inexorable arrival of the cloud, it is the global panic. This cumulus is acid.


Director: Christophe Saber

Country: France

Duration: 20:00

Synopsis: Three best friends, Jimmy, Samy and Sofi, have the trailblazing idea: to turn a chocolate dispenser into a pot-vending machine. Also, there’s a dog in the film.

Black Forest

Director: Jean-Marc E.Roy, Philippe David Gagné

Country: France

Duration: 19:47

Synopsis: Jura, in France. A judge asks for a reconstruction of a crime scene to shed light on all the unresolved questions of a murder. The accused, a family of three Quebecois, have to strictly recreate the crime’s day in front of Justice.

Capitaine France (2019)

Director: Thomas Robineau, Julien Paillet

Country: France

Duration: 21:54

Je m’aime (2019)

Director: Katrin Olafsdottir

Country: France

Duration: 14:59

Synopsis: On a secluded island, a hunter discovers that he happens to be a prey.

Blue Flower (2019)

Director: Saadi Constantine

Country: Switzerland

Duration: 24:00

Synopsis: Winter 2017, Ana and Amara, a young couple from Bucharest take a radical decision. In order to finance the treatment of Leo, their 3-year-old son suffering from an under-oxygenation of the brain, Ana is going to work as a Cam-girl. In the fascinating video chat studios of Bucharest, Ana will become – for her colleagues and for the hundreds of ‘’members’’ who will follow her around the world – « Blue Flower ». In this film, the actors play their own role and all the places are authentic.

La Hague (2019)

Director: Mathieu Naert

Country: France

Duration: 20:00

Synopsis: Julien lost his job from the local factory “La Hague”. He tries to convince Louis, his friend and engineered, still employed at the factory, to join him in blackmailing the factory’s HR manager in order to find his work and his old life back. However, unforeseen events will change his plans.

SPACE DOG (2019)

Director: Ivan Pshenin

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 07:00

Synopsis: A single mother is making effort to establish communication with her little son, who loves the cartoon “Space Dog”.  Some day the son brings home a homeless puppy and gets emotionally attached to it. But the puppy was found to be infected and has to be put to sleep. Mother’s fear of losing contact with a child helps out to find an unusual solution to the problem.

The She-Wolf (2019)

Director: Svetlana Trébulle

Country: France

Duration: 22:44

Synopsis: 25-years-old Victor has always been fascinated by “The She-Wolf”, a girl character from a bedtime story. After the attack of a wolf that caused several deaths, he returns to his childhood hometown in Russia, when he reads about people telling they saw a young girl walking by the animal’s side.


Director: Anna Kuzminykh

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 18:41

Synopsis: An equable, genteel and seemingly delightful family has lived quite a mediocre life. After its death the family members have been put in purgatory – the place where souls exist in an interim state. Here the family has been sentenced to the eternal tea party accompanied by the profane conversations; it has also been assigned with handling the affairs for the registry of Hell. The family consists of Father, Mother, Grandmother, Daughter and Son. Each of them has his or hers own understanding of what is right and what is wrong. To pass the resits and have their souls finally allocated to Hell or Heaven, the family members have to successfully complete the task given to them by extremely cunning Lucifer, and that is: if on the tea table the files of yet unallocated strangers’ souls will “accidently” be placed, what each of the family members is going to do? Condemn the souls? Grant them pardons? Or, may be, return the files which are none of his or her business?

One summer (2019)

Director: Timur Yunisov

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 05:00

Ogonki (2018)

Director: Ivan Sosnin

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 15:58

Synopsis: The boy Stepan accidentally runs into the attic of a residential building, where he meets a homeless Ivan. Stepan begins to bring food to his new acquaintance, in response, Ivan helps the boy to do the homework. This is how friendship is made between such different characters. One day Stepa notices a photo of a girl in Ivan’s purse, and from this point on, the story takes on new meanings.

Disenthralled (2019)

Director: Zahra Shahhatami

Country: United States

Duration: 02:20

Synopsis: The women who have lost their liberty between their strands of hair and will be free from slavery when their false freedom dances on the wind.

Beautiful Vivian (2019)

Director: Hengjun Li

Country: China

Duration: 16:14

Synopsis: Yaozu Wang, born in a village of Sichuan. In 2011, the price of a Tibetan mastiff soared to 1.8 million RMB. Yaozu sold his house in his village and invested all the money in the business of Tibetan mastiff.  In 2019, the price of a Tibetan mastiff fell to 80,000 RMB. His village was assigned as an economic development area. The house price in the village increased tenfold. Yaozu became the best joke in the village and threw himself into the Lancang River. However, the story you are going to see has nothing with Yaozu.

Rood (2019)

Director: Falko Jakobs

Country: Germany

Duration: 06:50

Synopsis: The Book was written by the man benhind the door.  But if you just have the book, you can not see him anymore.  And if you just have the door, without the book – than it´s just an old peace made out of wood.  But when you have both – paper and wood, than you will see the man who wrote the book.

Big Wok Chef (2019)

Director: Hoi Wong

Country: Hong Kong

Duration: 17:00

Synopsis: Chef Aaron’s claypot rice is excellent, but is never popular. He is very depressed. He Drowned his sorrow in booze every day, which eventually led to the loss of his sense of taste. He then only continues to cook heartlessly. The guests had tasted the “heartless” food cooked by Aaron and the evaluation was nothing but of high praises. The Internet raved about the reviews of his dishes and the restaurant gradually became famous. It became a hot spot in the Central and Western District. Chef Aaron’s career took off with flying colours and became a first-class celebrity chef in the city. He was invited to attend the crown jewel of food programs – “Taste Lab (or Taste Kitchen)” and suddenly recovered his taste. He then realised  that he cooking tasted awful.

MOIRES (2019)

Director: J.P. Bouix

Country: France

Duration: 19:21

Synopsis: Tormented by the failure of her last book, a young writer decides to distance herself from her publisher in spite of her lover’s warnings. Soon after, a strange being intrudes on the couple and ultimately reveals a sinister truth.

We are the Bulls (2019)

Director: SeWoong Bae

Country: Korea, Republic of Korea

Duration: 30:00

Synopsis: The story of five boys who became outlaws in the neighborhood with a BB gun.

Stay in Summer (2019)


Country: China

Duration: 12:00

Synopsis: Summer in a small town, the boy desires to join in the school track team. While with something happened to his father, he finds him farther and farther away from his friend and the town.

My Adventure

Director: Roman Gregorička

Country: Slovakia

Duration: 23:00

Synopsis: A boy and his father are struggling together in their city life. One day father took his son into the wild, trying to teach him a real life lesson. A short drama about courage, the power of nature, family, and surviving the unknown challenges of the life.


Last part of the Life machine (2019)

Director: Gleb Shultz

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 13:15

The Wrecker (2019)

Director: Li Geqi

Country: China

Duration: 15:46

Synopsis: The young girl Liu Xiaoyu finds that her father seems to cheat on her mother. But her mother is very indifferent to this incident. Therefore, Xiaoyu decides to approach this home-wrecker and defend her family by herself. However the truth  is far beyond Xiaoyu’s expectation.

Ivory Tower (2019)

Director: Qingxi Zhang

Country: China

Duration: 24:36

Synopsis: Zhijiang Zhang was a student majoring in sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts. After graduation, he got a job as a salesman in a small-scale lending company. Unexpectedly, a girl named “Lulu” lent some money from his company by using false identity information, and she provided the company with some of her indecent photos as guaranty. Lulu didn’t repay the money on time. Zhijiang threatened her to tell her secret of using false identity information to others. To solve this problem, Lulu agreed to have sex with Zhijiang. At the hotel’s reception, Zhijiang found out that Lulu was his first love, her real name is Wenrou. Zhijiang let Wenrou leave, and told her that he would give her a present – an unfinished sculpture of her which made in university. But when Zhijiang found Wenrou the next day, he didn’t expect that she was in deep trouble.

Can Someone Hear Me? (2019)

Director: Oskar Sjöberg

Country: Canada

Duration: 11:55

Synopsis: Miller, a radio operator living in a pandemic containment radio station, who while on the radio with another station’s operator, finds out that one of his colleagues is infected and their significant other wants to keep it a secret within their underground bunker. As their colleague’s condition worsens rapidly and the other station operator becomes more suspicious about their claims of everything being fine, Miller finds himself needing to choose between loyalty to his friends or securing his own survival.

The Harakiri (2019)

Director: Roman Blatman

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 18:00

Synopsis: A young frustrated poet moves into an old communal apartment in Saint Petersburg. Incompetence leads him to the constant contemplation of a suicide and anticipation of a post-mortem fame. However, apartment he’s settled in is not suitable for meeting one’s end because of the lack of hot water. Disconnected long time ago, absence of hot water doesn’t bother the apartament tenants since they’re too afraid of a mysthical ‘Babay’ (Boogeyman) allegedly killing everyone who dares to fix it. Our protagonist refuses to accept these terms and challenges Babay (Boogeyman) confonting him in his own room. The young poet could’ve given up if not for a beautiful neighbor he falls in love with. Because of her he now has to become a warrior and fight a real war against an illusory enemy.

Immersed (2019)

Director: Arianna Sciancalepore

Country: Italy

Duration: 10:00

Synopsis: Andrea is a 12 year old boy who lives with his mother in a little house on the seafront. Andrea spends most of his time immersed in the bathtub, listening to the music of his father’s old vinyls. One day fish scales begin to appear on Andrea’s skin and he begins his metamorphosis and his journey to the sea, hampered by a mother who tries to fill, in vain, the vast emptiness present in both.

Figure (2019)

Director: Hao-Ying Li

Country: United Kingdom

Duration: 08:07

Synopsis: “What’s your inner animal?” When everyone needs to find their inner animal as an identification of personality and ability. Renard, a fresh graduate is uncertain his identity must find the connection with his inner animal, otherwise he will lose his connection with the society and become homeless. How can he figure out his inner animal?

Oma (2019)

Director: Monika Ivonne

Country: United States

Duration: 09:29

Synopsis: A Latvian grandmother visits her daughter in America, where she encounters surreal scenes of life in Los Angeles.

İmparatorlukta Zor Bir Gün (A Hard Day in the Empire) (2019)

Director: Sezen Kayhan

Country: Turkey

Duration: 19:50

Synopsis: A prop assistant desperately tries to make the director happy on a challenging day at the set of an Ottoman soap opera.  A political satire that questions the abusive use of power and authority. The film depicts the mobbing and gender discrimination experienced by women in film-tv industry.


Director: Lev Shaklein

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 04:06

Synopsis: memories

Petit Bassin (2019)

Director: Louise Pagès

Country: France

Duration: 18:07

Synopsis: Just like every summer, Titouan must drain his hometown old swimming pool. But this time, no cleaning required: the venue is closing and demolition vehicles are on their way. Like every summer, water leaves the pool giving body to Ondine, a ghost-like teenager who awaits love. And Titouan can’t make her leave.

My World, Your World (2019)

Director: Zoe Borzi

Country: Austria

Duration: 19:15

Synopsis: Farmer, Activist, Monk and Drag Queen – Zoe Borzi’s documentary provides insights into four different ways of life by making the protagonists reflect on their modes of existence and the clichés associated with them. A film about diversity, diversity of different ways to live your life in Austria.

Gap (2016)

Director: Аnastasiia Meshchangina

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 03:04

Synopsis: Till death do us part

T-POT (2019)

Director: Shelley Welch, Mohammad Rastkar

Country: Canada

Duration: 04:45

Synopsis: A spaceship lands on a barren planet. An astronaut emerges from the ship to claim this land for themselves, but did they get more than what they bargained for?

Eros Undefeatable (2019)

Director: Evangelos Trichias

Country: Greece

Duration: 04:02

Synopsis: A man chases God Eros to get revenge for falling in love with a crack addict, but is being trapped under the god’s spell.


Life in the day of Aliya Mustafina (2019)

Director: Glen MacKay

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 16:10

Synopsis: If you want something 100% you will succeed. If you only want it 99%, give up and find what you truly want. This is an intimate portrait film of Olympic gymnast Aliya Mustafina.

Missing Parts – Finding My Father in Cuba (2019)

Director: Jake Tupman

Country: Latvia

Duration: 22:10

Synopsis: Until the age of 28 Elina Geida had no idea who her father was. As a young girl growing up in Latvia, she’d always wondered but the information wasn’t there. Then, overnight that changed when she discovered he lived in Cuba. This is her story.

Chaim Grosbein – Short Documentary (2019)

Director: Philippe Bensadon

Country: Israel

Duration: 11:16

Synopsis: The incredible story of a World War Two survivor named Chaim Grosbein. A five-year-old boy who runs for his life.    The story takes place in Belarus in 1942 when a group of Jews miraculously escape a round-up and run into the deep forest. During an ambush by German soldiers, little Chaim is shot in the foot. Having to face a painfully difficult decision, his closest surviving relative leaves him behind. A wounded and petrified Chaim is left to fend for himself in the wilderness. And it is there that Chaim remains… and survives… for two years. 

Homeboy (2019)

Director: Lucia Cardo Olaran

Country: Spain

Duration: 20:14

Synopsis: Homeboy explores the stories of different members of Homeboy Industries, a Los Angeles based program that helps former gang members and incarcerated people to build a new life after abandoning crime.

Spirit (2019)

Director: Jane Dyson, Ross Harrison

Country: Australia

Duration: 18:59

Synopsis: When Saraswati arrives as the first educated daughter-in-law in a Himalayan village, she wonders how she will ever feel at home. But faced with the scepticism of an older generation of women, she grows determined to succeed. As the village’s ten-day Pandav Lila festival approaches, the film offers a window onto the everyday work and spiritual practices that bind people to each other and the land. An intimate story of longing and belonging in India’s sacred mountains, ‘Spirit’ explores what it takes to make a home in a remote community in the thralls of change.   

Pushing Forward (2019)

Director: Mirko Zorz

Country: Croatia

Duration: 23:27

Synopsis: Can a terrible accident lead to a new beginning?  We follow several wheelchair basketball players whose personal stories showcase the road from isolation and depression to socialization and self-realization.

small fish (2019)

Director: Quentin Lestienne

Country: France

Duration: 25:23

Synopsis: Thinking about a quotation from Jean-Luc Godard :  “We must make movies like a farmer makes his own organic vegetables and sells them on the market”, an investigation was necessary. Therefore I went to see my brother, organic farmer in the South of France.  So what would be  organic filmmaking ?


Kitty (2019)

Director: Dmitry Fadeiev

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 08:53

Synopsis: Bored cute kitty wanted to walk along the street and accidentally turned a quiet town upside down.

TANDEM (2019)

Director: Vivian Altman

Country: Brazil

Duration: 11:05

Synopsis: The film invites us to share the intimacy of Hugo and Magda (a long standing couple) who are resigned to living out their fantasies independently of one another.

Essence (2018)

Director: Ella Ben Yacov, Anita Hagadust

Country: Israel

Duration: 09:36

Synopsis: Rachel and Leila are two jewish girls that live peacefully in Iraq and Iran. They run away due to different historical threats and immigrate to Israel. They both lose their homes and cultures but find comfort in Tea, and each other.

He can’t live without cosmos (2019)

Director: Konstantin Bronzit

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 16:00

Synopsis: This story is about mother and son. It is also about love and destiny.

Colour Me Free (2019)

Director: Gray Hodgkinson

Country: Singapore

Duration: 04:59

Synopsis: The animated movie “Colour Me Free” is a symbolised narrative influenced by the plight of civilians caught up in war. Through no fault of their own, these people are trapped in their cities, targeted by both sides as acceptable collateral damage, or even as human shields. This movie explores how these survivors are forced to question their allegiances, as expressed by colour, as their base human need to survive takes precedence. While no specific location is depicted, the use of coloured tiled patterns and a desert setting depicts a middle eastern reference. The visual medium used is a cross-over between animation and computer game, which makes an ironic reference to the repeated game-play of senseless war. The symbolic references in this movie are intended to raise questions in the viewer’s mind, and remind them that with some empathy and assistance, the human spirit can survive and grow.


Director: LIU QIANG

Country: China

Duration: 05:00

Synopsis: On War with Yourself. There is no dialogue in the film. Anyone can understand it.

Mimi Meets Books (2019)

Director: Yih-Fen Chou

Country: Taiwan

Duration: 06:15

Synopsis: Warmly presents how Mimi meets and falls in love with books.


MUSA (2019)  

Director: Justin Urbach

Country: Germany

Duration: 28:31

Synopsis: Musa – an experiment  Musa – a space to experiment  must – an experimental art film  musa – an experimental endeavor  must – a chamber play  Musa is an experiment, moving image, chamber play and an art film all at the same time. All set in one room, one moment with three actors. The film scrolls through genres like Trash, Film, Theater & art film and consciously tries to play with with all three, it tries to bring them into unison through symbiosis and tries to shake it up and redefine it by parasitism, all at the same time. The dialogues are absurd und are presented in an aloof manner which is hard to approach, as the dialogues are mostly improvised. Musa is a transformation of Samuel Becket’s play „Waiting for Godot“. By abstraction, the play is placed in the present time. The act of waiting on the the hard to grasp, vague and undefinable „something“ is the essence of Musa. Time becomes the enemy and death is not an option and no way out. The three actors ennui fade into the very absurd, so they decline all possible emotions: no matter how they turn, spin and twist, there’s no way out…

A Folk Tale (2019)

Director: Matt Robinson

Country: United Kingdom

Duration: 11:53

Synopsis: A deconstructed fairy tale in the spirit of Russian Formalist Vladimir Propp

Disorder (2019)

Director: Ali Rostamian

Country: Iran

Duration: 06:12

Synopsis: A young man is trying to get someone’s satisfaction on a particular subject but constantly faces his opposition. At one moment loses his patience and rushes towards that person, at the same time, he discovers something about him…

Homo Camcordus (2019)

Director: Yiannis Isidorou

Country: Greece

Duration: 23:55

Synopsis: Homo camcordus is a deeply political and poetic visual essay, about the passion of recording that is central in the way we experience and interpret the contemporary world. The movie is organized around the essay as a personal associative journey through the city and its people showing how through recording we become “homo camcordus” and what the habitus of this new type of man is. The movie is seeking to depict a coherent commentary on the human potential for interpreting the world, and at the same time it is a critical investigation of the consequent dystopian realizations of the world’s change.


Director: Yanis Angel

Country: United Kingdom

Duration: 06:34

Synopsis”Artist, Subject, Audience.”

NONAME (2019)

Director: Lamara Sogomonyan

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 02:49

Synopsis: No name – fight of sence against reality.

Twist Again (2019)

Director: Andy Guérif

Country: France

Duration: 13:01

Synopsis: Rosso Fiorentino’s painting “The Deposition of the Cross” comes to life. The Christ is gradually removed from his cross by the biblical characters who surround him.

SRAI (2019)

Director: Iana Osman

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 14:52

Synopsis: SRAI – a derivative of the Russian two words “Sram” (strong shame) and “RAI” (paradise).  Every year the Moscow authorities turn off hot water in residential buildings for 2 weeks. Moscow residents have  to warm water in kettle or go bathing to  their  relatives and friends. During the next shutdown of water in the summer of 2019, the author installs bathtubs, showers and KAMAZ with hot water right in the courtyard of one of the Moscow districts – turning the whole district into one large communal apartment.

The Language They Spoke (2019)

Director: Sej Saraiya

Country: United States

Duration: 07:32

Synopsis: A great deal of contemporary society has a very unhealthy relationship with silence. People fear silence more than anything else, often rushing to fill the space with meaningless entities so that they are no longer uncomfortable.   Eastern traditions of Tao, Tantra and Zen Buddhism highly revere “मौन” (mauna), or silence, as the Language of Gods, the living force leading to the peaceful unmoving state of self. In the East, silence is an essential part of existence.  Shot in cinéma vérité, this poetic film depicts “Ishin-Denshin” or communication through the heart without use of words between two people and invites you to find repose in this instrument of discomfort.

PLAYERS (2019)

Director: Maria Vam

Country: Estonia

Duration: 04:04

Synopsis: This “physcial cinema” or “body speaking” short film is about relationship, deep hide emotions, what are making from the person an unconscious robot or a clot of accumulated negativity. “PLAYERS” is a silent movie in a genre of farce drama. It’s a failed focus, not started and unfinished game.
Can we live happily without knowing ourselves and without listening each other? Why people forget to love and to live at the moment with passion?

BUOY (2019)

Director: David Magnier

Country: Ireland

Duration: 05:34

Synopsis: A young man throws himself off a lighthouse to end it all, but it’s just the beginning.


Super Bon Bon (2019)

Director: Tal Ben-Avraham

Country: United States

Duration: 05:17

Synopsis: Music Video for Super Bon Bon by Miss Velvet and the Blue Wolf

Astronaut (2019)

Director: Pierre Ponchant

Country: France

Duration: 05:21

Synopsis: Once upon a time, there was a broke guy who left the earth in a thrift store space suit  ——————————————————–  Astronaut is a no budget Space Odyssey, a voyage into the imaginary world of a hero who, night after night, explores the universe seeking for a safe haven.

passmurny – The Deep (2019)

Director: Andrew

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 03:07

Synopsis: A story about freedom, about asking how much love costs.

Love Ghost: “Let It All Burn” (2019)

Director: Dean Karr

Country: United States

Duration: 02:56

Synopsis: “Let It All Burn” is how I see the world through my 18-year-old eyes. The hypocrisy and unwanted advice that weighed me down during senior year led to this song. My Dad being diagnosed with stage 3 cancer made me more determined- “fuck what they say, I make my own way” I sing in the verse- (songwriter Finnegan Bell).  The song was produced by Danny Saber (Rolling Stones, u2, Marilyn Manson, David Bowie). 

Mysteries (2019)

Director: Peter Cermak

Country: Slovakia

Duration: 05:47

Synopsis: The music video “Mysteries” for Poetry in Telegrams was shot in Europe, Slovakia, in city Pezinok.  The project assignment was to create a mysterious music video with the Little Red Riding Hood, in line with the lyrics of the song as much as possible. (“Little Red Riding Hood” is a European fairy tale about a young girl and a Big Bad Wolf).   Music video story: The writer writes a scenario in which he makes his alter ego comes alive. In the story, a young woman (in black and red) and  a man with wolf mask are getting ready for meeting. He is obviously dangerous. She gets into a life-threatening situation in old creepy house, when the man lives.  However, as often happens in relationships, it will develop differently than originally thought. She suddenly  directs her power on him and she beats him (his animal power) with her witchcraft (her female wisdom).  In the end, we see her in the mirror and we find out that everybody has his/her own secret demons.

Can’t Go Back (2018)

Director: Mr Luke Bradford

Country: United Kingdom

Duration: 04:05