From Moscow to Piacenza via short films – Moscow Shorts travel blog

In March 2019, Moscow Shorts got an email from Concorto Film Festival who were looking for Russian short films. They wanted to make some special screenings in a category called Focus Russia. We said yes and started the work. We made a selection of films and send it to them. They selected 2 films, Innocent by Denis Simachev and Old Goat by Georgiy Boldugerov. Both the directors (with one accompanying person each) were invited to take part to the festival to present their films. Concorto also invited to attend the event the 2 founders of Moscow Shorts International Film Festival, Rina Grishina and Alecs Nastoiu.

So here they are, on 19th of August 2019, in Piacenza, Italy, at 18th Concorto Film Festival. It was a pleasure for Alecs and Rina to meet the team of the Italian festival and also the competing filmmakers and the members of other invited festivals.

After a long and difficult year, with monthly screenings and the first Moscow Shorts annual edition, Rina and Alecs enjoyed the silence and the warm welcome of the city of Piacenza.

It was an entertaining discussion about film festivals, filmmakers and new media during the industry days meeting. Among other topics, our team described Moscow Shorts festival to the guests and answered to a bunch of questions regarding the way of working in a festival with monthly screenings.

You can read the text below, or go to the festival website if you are interested to see more photos from the event, or find out more details about the Concorto Film Festival:

North of Italy. Everything began with a group of friends and cinéphiles with very few resources but a precise idea: to offer something new and different, far from the traditional and more established cultural events organized in the area during summer months. The short films by emerging Italian directors soon aroused curiosity and interest; in a few years the screenings became a fixture in the agenda of the cultural summer events, with an ever-growing public. The initiative then became a real festival, with an enlargement of the core team that welcomed new members and collaborations and established the Associazione Concorto. Since 2006 the association has managed and promoted the festival together with other collateral initiatives organized during the whole year, including film-education projects.

The call for submissions is now open to all sorts of short films from all over the world; from the first edition that saw 72 proponents, today the festival receives more than 3.500 submissions.

Concorto then began to acquire the identity that defines it today; a short film international festival committed to the research of almost unknown works, often by young filmmakers at their debut behind the camera, emerging directors who deserve a place in which show their worth. Every year, at the end of August, in the wonderful location of Parco Raggio, short films are screened with their authors present and a professional jury (critics, directors, photographers, actors) awards the first prize (Asino d’Oro) to the winner. Concorto is also part of the Italian team at the world most prestigious short films festival (Clermont-Ferrand) and has tied partnerships with a number of international festivals (Silhouette Paris and Internationales Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg). Moreover Concorto coordinates cinema and photography workshops in high schools.

Among the directors that have taken part in the official competition, we remember: Denis Villeneuve, Werner Herzog, Pippo Delbono, Ben Rivers, Jens Assur, Jean-Gabriel Périot, David O’Relly, Patrik Eklund, Ruben Ostlund, Antonio Piazza and Fabio Grassadonia. Members of the jury have been, among the others: Daniele Ciprì, Maya Vitkova, Lucile Chaufour, Jacopo Benassi, Filippo Mazzarella, Pier Maria Bocchi, Luca Malavasi, Marco Toscano, Mauro Gervasini, DEM, Anita Kravos, Giuseppe Sansonna, Lidiya Liberman, Teho Teardo and Monika Bulaj.